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[ D ] Related homeopathic drugs:


This medicine is used mostly to end disorders related to the urinary organs and this is the reason why it is used against gonorrhoea and gleet. If the children have problem of burning sensation of the urethra due to gleet and shivering in the external body parts, senselessness, swelling, burning sensation, etc., in theses symptoms, this medicine is helpful. 

Symptoms of Urinary diseases: If the patient feels trouble while urination, burning sensation and intensive pain in the urethra, pain in the waist and back, shivering in the body parts, etc., in these symptoms, this medicine should be used.

Anti poisoning (Anti-miasmatic medicines):  Stramonium is used to remove the bad effects of this medicine.

Comparison: Agaricus, Apis, Cantharis, Lachesis, Coxiun, etc., can be compared with this medicine.

Dose: 6 to 30 potency should be used to cure diseases.