Dolichos Lablab



Dolichos lablab is blue, brown, yellow and white. It is a little sweet.  It is a type of grain.  It is hot.Name in different languages:

Hindi           -      Bhatvaans, Bhetvaans, Kala lobiya, Katjung

Sanskrit       -      Nishpaav, Raajshimbi, Balook

Marathi        -      Parvte, Kadwae bal, Baalpaapda

Gujrati         -      Oliyo

Bengali        -      Bhatrasu, Raajshimbi bij

Latin            -       Hyacinth bean, Dolichos lablab

Colour: Dolichos lablab is blue, brown, yellow and white.

Taste: It is a little sweet.

Structure: It is a type of grain.

Nature: It is hot.

Precautions: It causes disturbances in blood caused by bile.


Dolichos lablab is sweet, dry and sour. Its use increases the milk in the breast of a mother. Burning sensation and swelling disappear by using it. It is expectorant and its use reduces sperm count. It contaminates the blood and alleviates poisoning. It reduces eyesight and increases fat. It also makes the person energetic. 

The leaves of its plant alleviate poisoning and make the sperm pure. The use of its leaves also provide relief in stomach pain. Saag (cooked green vegetable) is prepared with soft, fresh and green leaves of dolichos lablab. This saag is eaten.

The seeds of dolichos lablab are nutritive and abate the fever. Its use increases digestion power and proves beneficial in the treatment of paralysis and Epistaxis (Nose bleeding). The root of its plant is poisonous.