Do everything in the boundary of dignity



Sex is a thing in which a man forgets everything when storm of passion comes after marriage. Both husband and wife are not worried about what they are doing. This picture can be seen easily in those families where only husband and wife live together. Sometimes, they commit wrong deeds before their children by getting the benefit of this loneliness. This thing is bad for children. They think that their children are too little to understand anything but it is not true. Today, children have become rational before time because of internet, mobile and other modern facilities. Therefore, they should not involve in sexual relations before sleeping their children. If they do so, it will be more harmful for growing children.      

  • All the parents always consider their children small. They never think that their children have become young. Hence, they involve in love making before their children. They embrace and kiss to each other. They touch to each other because of sexual lust and change clothes before their children. Doing this is wrong. They do not think at that time that it will be harmful for their children. Children learn everything soon. It is their habit. If something is done before children, everything is settled down in their mind.     
  • Sex is also a topic about which a child learns everything without teaching only by seeing sexual activities. Such kinds of examples can be seen in day-to-day life. For example, if a picture is broadcasting on television screen, a child tells soon what is going to happen in the picture. Nature has made night for sexual intercourse. All sexual desires should be fulfilled at night and follow all the rules of dignity fully. Both husband and wife have to live in limitations because of the presence of family members during day in joint families.   
  • However, the people who live lonely here it means to say that if both husband and wife live altogether, they can do everything during day because of any restrictions. They always ready to make sexual relations. All couples should be aware about this fact that their habit is good until there is no child at home. After the presence of child at the home, they should change their habit otherwise; it will be harmful for children naturally.
  • Several tips should be followed by husband and wife while making sexual relations at night. Most of couples make sexual relation in electric light and they get no sexual pleasure without light. This thing is good until there is no child to them. This habit must be changed necessarily after the birth of a child. Both husband and wife should establish sexual relation after switching the light if child is 2-3 years old.
  • None between the two should be naked fully because a child wakes up many times during sleep at night according to habit.  If a child looks to her parents while making sexual relation, it affects a child badly. A child does such kinds of antics with the friends while playing. Therefore, both husband and wife should not forget the fact that their child is sleeping near by.
  • Most of the people go to sleep without clothes after making sexual relations. They have to search their clothes if they wake up because of any reason. This thing cannot be said wrong before the birth of a child but it is wrong after the birth of a child. After the birth of a child, several couples sleep without clothes. Besides it, they make sleep their child at the middle of the bed. The child becomes conscious about the nakedness of the woman soon.   
  • A child understands nothing when the child is small but he starts to understand everything as heshe grows. This thing proves very harmful for the child. A kind of great pleasure is obtained by husband and wife while making sexual relations. Thereafter, body of a person becomes a little lazy after losing in temporary enjoyment. In this situation, a person wants relaxation. Some scholars consider about it that establish sexual relations freely as much as you can but sleep by wearing clothes. None between husband and wife should sleep in naked condition.   
  • Besides it, there is no fear or anxiety in the mind if sexual relation is established at night. Both sink into sound sleep. Future and career of children depend on the parents completely. Therefore, it becomes necessary for husband and wife that love making before children is not good. They should no such kind of work, which may be harmful for children.   
  • In several homes, both husband and wife quarrel to each other before their children on tiny things. Sometimes, these quarrel changes into big disputes and they fight to each other. Tiny disputes between husband and wife is a common but when these tiny quarrels become big disputes, it is very harmful for children naturally. Children get wrong message with such kinds of disputes. Sometimes, a child becomes disturbed mentally or he fails in study because of these daily disputes. There is no fault of a child in it but parents are responsible for the whole situation. Both husband and wife need a good behavior before their children.      
  • If there is a dispute between the two, do not quarrel but try to solve this problem calmly. Mind of children is undeveloped at this period. Therefore, a child does the same after growing young as he learns in hisher early days. Hence, both husband and wife should try to understand the mental state of their children. They should be worried about it unless this is giving wrong moral to children.
  • In rich families, women have a little work because all the works are done by servants. Such women organize kitty parties at their or their friend’s homes at the vacant time. In such kitty parties, they play cards and involve in backbiting as well vulgar jokes. Women bring their children with them in these kitty parties too. In addition to, they talk on the sexual activities openly happened during night whereas there are children with them but they forget to the presence of children. Such kind of behavior is very bad for children. However, several women send their children in close by room for playing.
  • This thing is wrong. Growing child should be sent with other children in another room. In this situation, children do all the deeds, which is quite wrong for them. There is a rapid change in a child both physically and mentally when he she grows. Children feel attraction towards opposite sex. Children can go on wrong path if parents pay no attention on their children. There is no fault of children if it happens. Hence, all the women must pay attention in this direction.
  • Several persons are habitual of wine. It is a very bad habit. A habitual of wine starts to drink wine whenever he wants. They drink wine before their children without hesitation or shame. Such kinds of antics can hardly be seen in joint families because drinking wine becomes impossible due to the presence of old persons. However, there is lack of such joint families in this modern era. Mostly, husband and wife are passing their life with their 1-2 children by living in single family. Both husband and wife can do whatever they want to do. When husband comes at home, he starts smoking and drinking freely at night. He forgets that this thing will prove very harmful for children.  
  • In several homes, a father says to bring all the things used for drinking wine by his children. He feels and shows too much enjoyment after drinking wine. Everything is happening before children. His children think that drinking wine is good because father feels good by drinking wine. After sometimes, children start to drink wine stealthily and thus they become the habitual of wine. It is too late when parents become aware about this fact. In this way, children absorb into the bog of smoking and drinking. Therefore, each man should make a pleasant and good atmosphere at his home so that children may not learn wrong things.    
  • A person gets name, fame and glory when a child will do good jobs. If a child is on wrong path, they should think that what is the cause behind it. They should think also whether it is their fault or not. If there is a parents’ fault behind this reason, do not scold to their children but try to improve their fault. Do not smoke or drink before children at any rate. Parents should not take the name of cigarettes or wine before their children.  

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