Diseases related to the kidneys and urine


Treatment with the help of acupressure :


Before the treatment of diseases related to the kidneys and urinary systems through acupressure treatment system, it is important to know that which of the organs are responsible for proper functioning of urinary systems in the body, how does urine produce in the body and which types of disease can be occurred in this urinary systems.

Organs related to the production of urine-

The harmful and wastes substances are removed out from the body by a particular type of nisyandko, which are called kidneys.

There are 2 kidneys found inside our body that are located on the both sides of spinal cord and lie up to little below of the last ribs of spinal cord. The right kidney does present parallel to the left kidney, but little below and as big comparison to the left ones, because liver is located in the right side and due to the pressure of liver, the right kidney presents little below. The left kidney is little long and narrow comparison to the right ones. The acupoints related to these kidneys are found on the palm and soles as shown in figure.

The figure of acupoints related to the kidneys-

The shape of both the kidneys of human is like that of bean seed. The kidneys of an old person are 11 cm long, 3 cm thick and 6 cm wide. The kidneys are brown in appearance. It is made up of nephronus that is known as the functional unit of the kidneys. One kidney is made up of about 10 lakhs nephronus. The shape of these nephronus is like that of sand particles. The front part of these nephronus is the group of tiny tubes, which is called glomerulus. These tiny tubes act as purifying blood.  

The substances carried by blood to the kidneys are purified by kidneys. It is the continuous process of the body. In this way, the kidneys purify each drop of blood many times. About 300 liters blood is purified by the kidneys in a day while we know that our body has not such amount of blood, the kidneys purify every drops of blood many times and they purify 300 liters of blood daily. About 299 liters of pure blood are circulated in the body again and remaining one liter of blood is come out from the body in the form of urine

The body uses as much pure blood (glucose) as the kidneys purify. If the blood has additional quantity of glucose in it, the body does not able to consume this blood. In this condition, a little amount of glucose is come out with urine. diabetes is also this type of condition in which glucose level is increased in the blood and a little amount of glucose comes out from the body with urine. In these diseases, the patient feels over thirst and urinates frequently.     

The chief function of the kidneys is to remove out waste products from the body. Besides it, the kidneys also control the water level inside the body and removes out harmful and poisonous substances from the body.

The organs responsible for urination-

 The length of urethra is same in the body of both male and female. These organs are related to reproductive functions. Urination is a process in which harmful and waste products gathered in the body cells are removed out from the body. in this process, protein substances are broken and converted in to urea, uric acid and sulphur salt. When the exchanges of gas take place in the cells, carbon-di-oxide forms. Urination is a process just like that of removing out dirty water of house through pipes.

The substances coming out through urination have 2% urea, 2% uric acid, kreotinine, phosphate, oxalate, chlorides, ammonia, sodium and potassium and 96% water. 

Figure of the organs responsible for urination-

The tubes connected with it are called urethra. Carbon-di-oxide is removed out with the help of lungs while sodium chlorides and other bio substances are removed out by the mean of skin. It these wastes are not removed out from the body, various types of diseases are occurred.

If any type of disorder is occurred in these organs, various types of kidneys and urine related diseases can be occurred. These diseases can be treated easily by acupressure treatment system. In case of any disease related to these organs, first of all we should find out the reasons responsible for the disease and then should take treatment properly. With the help of acupressure treatment system, several diseases related to the kidneys and urine can be treated with ease. 

Symptoms in case of kidneys related diseases-

        The kidneys are located inside the stomach, so it can not be diagnosed easily and for this purpose, there is a need to know whole the urinary systems.

Symptoms of kidneys diseases are as follow-

  • In case of kidneys diseases, the skin of the patient is turned into yellow, but this type of yellowness is quite different from jaundice.
  • With yellowness, smoothness is also generated on the skin.
  • In this disease, the nerves of the body are swelled up. this condition is called inflammation.
  • The veins below the eyes are also swelled up in case of kidneys diseases. This type of swelling can be observed in the morning after getting up.
  • When stones are formed inside the kidneys, the patient feels violent pain.
  • In this disease, the patient feels painful sensation in his entire body and heaviness in the waist.
  • The patient feels frequent urine. Sometimes, urine comes out unknowingly or urine does not able to produce appropriately.
  • In case of kidneys diseases, the patient starts feeling difficulty at the time of urination and blood also starts coming out occasionally.
  • The patient does not feel hunger, hiccup starts coming and vomiting can also takes place.

    Various types of diseases can be occurred due to fault in the kidneys and urinary systems, which are as follow-

    • Inflammation of the bladder.
    • Tumors of the bladder.
    • Tumors of the kidneys.
    • Bladder stones.
    • Stones in gall bladder.
    • Nephrorotic syndrome (it is a type of disease occurred in children).
    • Contraction of the urethra.
    • Tivra vrikpat.
    • Chronic inflammation of kidneys.
    • Inflammation of kidneys.
    • Tuberculosis of urinary organ.
    • Bed wetting of children.
    • Waist pain (due to kidneys diseases).
    • Improper functioning of prostate glands.

      All these diseases can be treated through acupressure treatment system.

      Treatment of kidneys and urine related disease through acupressure treatment system-

      By this treatment, several diseases of kidneys, urinary organs, urethra and bladder are cured. The acupoints related to these diseases are found in the feet and hands as shown in figure.

      The acupoints, related to the right kidney and right urethra, are present in the right feet and right hand. Like this, the acupoints related to the left kidney and left urethra are found in the left feet and left hand. The acupoints related to the bladder are located in both the hands and feet. the acupoints found in feet are located in lower section of soles and little above towards big toes.

      The acupoints related to the bladder are located in both the feet and hands and in case of feet, these points are situated below the soles and heel, which are as follow-

      By giving pressure on these acupoints, the diseases related to it are cured soon. If disease is chronic or very aggravated, pressure should be given 2-3 times in a week. Pressure should be given on these acupoints gently.

      The acupoints related to purahstha glands are found in feet’s ankle towards big toes and in between ankle and heel which are given in this figure-

      The acupoints related to purahstha gland

      In case of disease related to kidneys and urine, the acupoints are located on the soles and hands, on the thoracic of nervous system. By giving pressure on these acupoints, diseases, related to kidneys and urine, are cured. All these parts are directly related to urinary system.

      The acupoints related to these diseases are found in the middle section of back.

      Various types of disease are cured soon by giving pressure on both the side at the little distance of spinal cord.

      For the treatment of urinary diseases, the acupoints are located around the feet ankles and these acupoints are related to urinary systems directly.

      By giving pressure on these acupoints, all the disease related to urinary systems are cured.

      For the treatment of stone, the acupoints are present on the palms and soles.

      By giving pressure on these acupoints, stone disease is cured. Actually, there are several reasons of stone. One of the chief reasons among them is becoming the thyroid glands too active, because of malfunctioning of them. By giving pressure on the acupoints as shown in figure, the patient gets relief and disease is cured soon.

      If kidneys disease is too violent or chronic, pressure should not be given daily on the acupoints related to it in its initial stage so that no extra load could fall on the kidneys.

      In case of kidneys diseases, pressure should be given only 2-3 times in a week and after 2 weeks, pressure should be given according to the tolerating ability of the patient. At a result of it, disease starts curing soon.

      In case of normal diseases of kidneys, by giving pressure daily, the disease is cured within few days. The patient should also keep patience and faith during treatment.

      In the inflammation of purahstha gland, by giving pressure on the acupoints related to them, they start working properly and disease is cured soon.

      For the treatment of profuse urination or bed wetting, by giving pressure 3-4 times for few days on the acupoints related to the urinary system, the disease is cured soon.

      In case of kidney stone, by giving pressure on the acupoints related to kidneys, the disease is cured easily.