Direction to use vipust product

Vipust is an herbal diet to make you strongDirection to use vipust product


1. For the use of Vipust, immerse its powder in one to two glasses normal water for 30 to 60 minutes. Thereafter, mix it in the water with the help of spoon properly and then drink it sip by sip. 

2. Vipust should not be taken with normal water in winter season and in the diseases caused by cold. Its use with normal water is also not allowed on cold regions. In this case, hot water can be used for taking Vipust. For it, first boil water and then immerse Vipust in this water for 15 to 30 minutes. (Note: Do not boil Vipust in hot water because its natural elements are reduced by using it.) Thereafter, dissolve it properly with the help of spoon. Now, it can be drunk like soup.

3. After ten days of Holi, the use of Vipust should be started with normal water. It should also be taken with normal water in summer and on hot regions. Its use with normal water should be stopped before ten days of Dewali.

4. If the disease is very serious and chronic, a person should take Vipust for a long time. It can also be taken in normal life to live healthy.  

5. Vipust should be taken on empty stomach in the morning.

6. Nothing should be taken till 15 to 30 minutes after the use of Vipust. 

7. Vipust can be taken as breakfast in the morning. Vipust is a complete diet which can be used in place of breakfast. It is a supplement of breakfast. Its use enhances the resistance power of the body.

8. The quantity of Vipust should be increased gradually. Take 40 grams Vipust in the beginning and then its quantity can be increased till 100 grams according to physical capacity. Vipust can also be taken more than 100 grams according to physical capacity.

9. If you take tea in the morning, take normal or lukewarm water after 15-30 minutes of taking tea and then after sometime Vipust can be taken. 

10. A person must drink about 2.5 to 5 liter water in a day for the proper digestion of Vipust. 

11. After 15-30 minutes of taking Vipust, you can take juice of any fruit or mixed fruit juice. No vegetable juice should be mixed in the juice what you are taking. No spice should be mixed in the juice if you want to take good advantage of Vipust.   

12. You can take lunch after two-three hours of taking Vipust. Don’t take heavy meal if you want big advantage.

14. You can take vegetable juice or raw vegetable in the evening (about 3 or 4 o’ clock). If you are taking vegetable juice, spices should not be used in it or take a little quantity of spices if it is necessary.   

15. Don’t take dinner as far as it is possible. If taking dinner is necessary, take light foodstuffs in dinner as Dhokla, Idli, etc.

16. Don’t include oil, chilly, sour, pickles, fried foodstuffs of the market and packaged product in your diet because if it is not done, Vipust will show its good result after some time what it can show within a short period.

17. Using Vipust is nutritive for the men and women of every age.

18. If you follow all the rules described by us, you will get its full benefit but if you don’t follow these rules, you will get limited benefits of Vipust. And along with taking too much water is necessary in the period of using Vipust and if it is nod done, owing to it the patient gets the disturbances of digestive system.  

19. Vipust should be kept in sunlight at an interval of proper time. But for it, covering with a thin cloth the jar of Vipust should be kept so that there is no moisture in the jar because of the heat of sunlight.