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[ D ] Related homeopathic drugs:


         This medicine is very useful for the patients who suffer from breathing problems and scrofula.

         If the patient has symptoms of nose bleeding, weakness, the body temperature is decreased than normal, rapid pulse rate, senselessness, the disease begins to be aggravated from starting, swelling of the tongue and the throat gland, redness of the tongue, secretion from the nose, mouth and spit, offensive smell of the mouth, swelling in the palate and around it, thickness and blackness in the membrane, The patient can take any type of beverages, but he vomits and throws it out from nose.

          If the patient suffers from paralysis after Lerisial, Dipththerial and Diphtheria aggravated. This medicine should be used. 

Relations: Arsenicum, Baptisia, Bromium, Carbolicum-Acidum, Causticum, Gelsemium, Lachesis, Muriaticum-acidum, Phosphorus.

Dose: 30 to high potency of this medicine should be taken to cure diseases. It should not be repeated.