Diosma lincaris



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    This medicine causes the symptoms of laziness, sleeplessness due to neural disorder, sweating at night, irritability, desire to weep, afraid to be ill, giddiness, brain pain mostly appears in the head, shiny eyes with tear, itching, deficiency of hearing power, tinning in the ears by pressing them, retching, offensive smell of the mouth, feeling hollowness, pain in the spleen with meteorism, pain in the stomach as well as feeling pressure on the thigh, dark and red color urination, yellow stool which gets high at night, profuse menstrual secretion which have already felt by women and sometimes it is aggravated and turn into blood leucorrhoea, feeling pain in the stomach with twisting after having meal, shivering of the finger with feeling hot or cold, weakness in the legs which is aggravated by sitting down.

   This medicine is used to end the problems of splenitis, neural or epilepsy, insanity fits, gastritis, tremor and weakness in the legs caused by scaring.