Dioscorea villosa



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This medicine is helpful to cure different types of body pain especially in pain of the internal body parts and stomachache. This medicine (Dioscorea Villosa) is counted with the homeopathic medicines, which are used to cure different diseases. Using this medicine enhances digestion power.

Use of this medicine according to the symptoms of the body parts:

Mind related Symptoms: If the patient forgets his friend’s name or the person whom is known by him, he calls him by wrong name and he feels excitement and nervousness, this medicine should be used. Besides this medicine, Ars and Phosphorus also can be used.

Head related Symptoms: If the patient feels slight pain in the both sides of the temple, which decreases and increases gently. This medicine should be used in theses symptoms.

Stomach related SymptomsIf the patient feels dryness and bitterness of the mouth, layer on the tongue, doesn’t feel thirst, belching with foul smell, neuralgia of the stomach, heartburn, pain in the sternum to arm, hiccup with bitter and sour belching, the pain of the digestive system which gets relief after standing up. This medicine should be taken in theses symptoms.

Stomach related Symptoms: If the patient feels such a pain in the stomach as it appears in the other body parts like fingers of hands and feet (fingers and toes), forming gas due to stomach disturbances, twisting and burning sensation in the digestive system, stomachache that gets relief by walking slowly and this pain grows towards chest to hand and the patient feels more pain due to bend and lying down and he feels fast pain of the liver that grows as fast as gun bullet towards right nipple, he feels pain in the gall bladder to the chest, pain in the back and arms, renal colic and pain in the external parts, desiring excretion after having meal, etc., this medicine should be used in theses symptoms.

Heart related Symptoms: If the patient feels heart pain, pain in the back portions of the cartilage till the hand, difficulty in breathing, low heartbeat, such a pain due to stomach bloating that grows towards the chest, etc., this medicine should be used in theses symptoms.

Symptoms of bloody Piles: Patient feels such a pain in the body and liver as if someone is punching with a sharp instrument, feeling pain in the anus because of piles grows outwards like a bunch of grapes, yellow stool in the morning cause of it, pain increases after that he is feeling weakness in the body and such feeling as gas and stool is so hot. In these conditions, this medicine should be used.

Symptoms of male diseases: If the patient has the problems of sexual debility, lack of erection in the penis, foul smell of sweat that comes out from female breasts and male testicles, weakness of the knee due to , semen excretion, etc., this medicine is used in theses symptoms.

Symptoms of Nightfall: This medicine is helpful in the problem of nightfall. The patient dreams the beautful woman in his dreams all the night due to which, nightfall takes place 2 or 3 times and he feels weakness after getting up in the next morning and his knee gets too weak to stand properly. The patient feels much pain in the knee due to nightfall as a result of it; he feels trouble in standing up.

Besides this medicine, other medicine can be also used in the problems of nightfall like: - Nux-vomika, Lycopodium, Selenium, conayum, Caladium, Gelsemium, Acidum Phosphorus, Digitalis, Natrum-phosphoricum, Phosphorus, etc.

Symptoms of the female diseases: If the patient feels pain in the outer membrane of her uterus during pregnancy periods, this medicine should be used

Symptoms of the respiratory symptoms: If the patient feels such a trouble, as he doesn’t have space in the chest to inhale, belching with offensive smell, etc.; this medicine should be used.

Symptoms of the external body parts: If the patient feels lameness in the back which increases by bending and slight pain in the joints, twisting, growing joints pain towards lower portion of the thigh and gets relief by sitting peacefully and lying. The patient feels pain, twisting with contraction of the fingers during the first stage of nails wounds, etc.; this medicine is helpful in theses symptoms.

Aggravation: the problems of the patient aggravates in the evening, at night, in lying position and by bending his legs towards his stomach.

Amelioration: The patient feels tiredness caused by standing straight, wandering in open air and walking, but if he keeps continue this routine, he starts recovering from disease.

Anti-miasmatic medicines: The side effects of this medicine that are caused by taking excess quantity of it, can be removed by using chamomilaa and Camphora.

Relation: Colosynthis, Phosphorus, Pado, Rhus-Toxicodendron and Silicea.

Comparison: This medicine can be compared with Colosynthis, Nux, Chamamilaa, Bryonia, etc. 

Dose: Mother tincture to 3 potency of this drug should be used for curing diseases.