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[ D ] Related homeopathic drugs:


 This medicine is helpful for curing diseases in which mainly the heart is obsessed; nerves are weak, irregular, steady and swelling of the internal and external body parts. This medicine acts the best on the weakness and expansion of the heart muscles.  This medicine is used in the beginning of auricular fibrillation. The patient feels his pulse rate as slow in bending position of lying down and his nerve pulsation is got high and irregular in the position of sitting. This medicine is used in the another symptoms of heart diseases too like- weakness, lack of strength, senselessness, coldness of the skin, irregular breathing, eyes diseases caused by having tobacco, liver toughness, and the disease of jaundice caused by liver enlargement.

Useful in different symptoms:-

Mind related symptoms: Digitalis is used in symptoms like- depression, fear, worrying about future, weakness of the sense organs, mental irritation, low pulse rate, etc.

Head related symptoms: If the patient feels giddiness while walking and standing up caused by heart diseases and liver diseases; intensive pain in the head that multiplies till the nose, heaviness in the head with the feeling as if his head will fall down, blueness on the face and suffers from illusion. Patient hears loud sound while sleeping. The color of the tongue and lips is turned into blue. This medicine is helpful in theses symptoms.

Eyes related Symptoms: Blueness in the eyelids and the patient feels as if the dark flies are flying before his eyes, feels trouble in identifying green color. Everything becomes green and yellow for him. The patient feels as if his eyeball is enlarging unnaturally. The apex of the eyelid becomes red and eyesight becomes weak. This medicine is used in these symptoms.

Stomach related symptoms: Patient feels as sweetness in his mouth, watery mouth, feels vomiting, weakness, numbness and burning sensation in the stomach, feels intense headache till the nose due to eating cold eatables. The patient feels unconsciousness and vomiting due to walking. Patient feels uncomfortable from food smell and after eating food. Patient has weakness of the digestion power, pain in the ligament which is not related to taken food. This medicine is used in theses symptoms.

Stomach related symptoms: Patient feels pain in the left side of the stomach from downwards to upwards, burning sensation in the abdominal aorta, feeling empty stomach, liver enlargement, burning sensation, pain, etc. This medicine is taken to end such disorders.

Stool related symptoms: If the patient stool is white like ash and greasy; the patient of jaundice suffers from loose motions, etc., taking this medicine (Digitalis) is very helpful in theses symptoms.

Urine related symptoms: If the patient has symptoms like- urine comes out drop-by-drop while urinating and the patient feels fast pain in the urinary bladder, feeling smell like ammonia, burning sensation of the urethra, feeling as if the urinary bladder is not get empty after urination, contraction and burning sensation in the penis, brick sediments in urine, etc. This medicine (Digitalis) is helpful in theses symptoms.

Symptoms of female diseases: In the case of woman, the patient feels such a pain in the stomach and waist as that is felt while giving birth to young ones and bleeding from the outer membrane of the uterus. This medicine (Digitalis) is used in theses symptoms.

Symptoms of male diseases: If patient has problems of nightfall, feeling weakness in the genitalia, testicle enlargement, swelling in the glans-penis, swelling in the genitalia, etc., this medicine (Digitalis) is used in these symptoms.

Symptoms of the respiratory system: Patient desires for breathing, irregularity of breathing, feeling depression in the chest with cough, sweetish phlegm, pneumonia of the old stage, weakness in the chest, troubles in breathing, desiring to breath continuously, narrowness of the lungs, swelling of the respiratory pipe, blood circulation, irregularity of the lungs, bleeding with spit due to erroneous muscles of the heart, weakness in the heart with haemoptysis. This medicine (Digitalis) is used in theses symptoms.

Symptoms of Heart: If the patient's heartbeats get high due to walking little and he feels that his heartbeat will be stopped, he feels such pain in the heart as if needle is pricking, patient has problem of irregularity of the heartbeat, low pulsation of the nerve, changing the shape of the heart and its color turns to blue and alternation in the speed of nerve pulsation, sometimes, patient feels that his heartbeat has stopped, etc., this medicine (Digitalis) is taken in these symptoms.

Symptoms of lungs: Old person feels burning sensation in the lungs. Pneumonia, in which, phlegm comes out from the body like plum (aaloobhukhara).

Symptoms of the external body parts: If the patient has problems of swelling of the legs, coldness in the hands and legs, pain in the joints, shiny and white swelling of the joints, weakness in the muscles, swelling in the fingers at night, feeling electricity shock in the legs, etc., this medicine (Digitalis) is used in these symptoms.

Symptoms of sleeping   If the patient faces trouble like awaking up with frighten, feeling that he has been fallen down from a height, etc., this medicine (Digitalis) is used in theses symptoms.

Symptoms of fever:  If the patient has trouble of burning sensation of severe fever, weakness in the neural (neuralgic weakness), etc., this medicine (Digitalis) is used in theses symptoms.

Symptoms of the skin: Appearing deep red color spots on the body skins, mostly on the back and these are same as incase of chickenpox. Eyelid, ears, lips and tongue, etc. are turned into blue and enlarge.

Aggravation: Sitting straight, listening song after having meals, hard working and having excessive sexual intercourse, etc. aggravate the problems of diseases.

Dose: Mother tincture to 30 potency of this drug can be used for curing diseases.