Digestion system

Digestion system

Treatment by a doctor :

           Digestion system is very essential to run the life of human being. According to modern massage therapy, there are several organs in the body to improve digestion system. Meal is supplied into the stomach through mouth. There are many organs to improve digestion system.   

Organs of digestion system:

Oral cavity:Secretion of saliva becomes fast as the meal reaches into the mouth because of the taste and smell of the meal. When meal is chewed,

  • Secretion of saliva becomes fast as the meal reaches into the mouth because of the taste and smell of the meal. When meal is chewed, it changes into small pieces and saliva mingles with the meal. This whole process is a combined form of compound and chemical reaction. 
  • Generally, saliva keeps on secreting all the time but production of saliva becomes high because of the taste and smell of the meal. It is a natural process. Saliva excretes on large scale because of familiar meal or its fragrance on the base of determined reflective activities. There are some other glands too along with the saliva glands as tongue, ear gland and the glands below the jaw. About one and half liter secretion is excreted from these glands in a day.
  • A protein named gleenoso is present in saliva which helps to chew and swallow the meal. A protein named gleenoso is present in saliva which helps to chew and swallow the meal. There is digestive juice named ptyalin too in the saliva which changes starch existed in the meal into maltose. When boiled rice is chewed with the help of ptyalin, the taste of the rice becomes sweet. The saliva contains a hormone named perotin too which is secreted from the ear gland. This hormone takes part in the metabolic activities of the bones, teeth and uniting fibers and it keeps on involving in the re-production of plasma existed in the body.          


           When the meal goes from the oral cavity to the oesophagus, several muscular contraction activities take birth. First, soft palate closes to the nasal cavity and larynx lifts upwardly. Upper portion of the throat sticks to the root of tongue and because of this reason the process of respiration stops. Thus, the meal reaches into the oesophagus in the form of small pieces. 


  • It is 25 centimeter long tube. Its upper portion is made of lined muscles and lower portion is made of soft muscles. When meal comes in the oesophagus, it reaches into the stomach after some time but the liquid does not go into the stomach soon.  
  • Stomach: it is the biggest organ of the digestion system. Its quantity is about to two liters according to capacity. The orifice of the oesophagus opens into the liver and it is called stomach. The orifice from stomach to the duodenum is pylorus. Stomach is situated on the left side of the body. Stomach is situated on the right side of the eleventh thoracic vertebrae whereas pylorus is situated on the right side near about the first vertebrae.   
  • Digestive juice is excreted inside the stomach and there are enzymes as hydrochloric acid and pepsin in this digestive juice. Digestive juice plays a very important role inside the stomach in the digestion of meal. This juice is excited because of the gastrine the secretion from the mucus membrane of pylorus. The meal changes into half solid condition in the stomach after 2-3 hours. 
  • When the meal changes into half solid condition, first, the half-solid meal goes into the pylorus and then into the small intestines. Secretion of mucus saves to the walls of the stomach from the powerful secretion named pepsin. If there is any kind of stress or obstruction in the circulation of blood, the mucus is not secreted in sufficient quantity. In this situation, covering of the stomach starts to digest because of which a person becomes the patient of the disease named peptic ulcer in this situation. 

Small intestines:

  • Big intestine, small intestine and rectum come in intestines. Most of nutritive elements are absorbed from the half digested meal that comes here from stomach. Small intestine is made of duodenum, jejunum and ileum. Essential elements are absorbed from the half digested meal in the duodenum. When the meal comes in this intestine, earthen alkali bile and juice of pancreas make passive to the fast acidity of the digestive juice after the process of hormone. This pancreas juice and enzymes of intestinal juice breaks to the nutritive elements into several pieces. The bile help in the process of fat named payasikaran.
  • When this half digested juice comes in the middle portion of this region, the membrane several times fat than the skin of intestine walls absorbs to the nutritive liquids. The villi in the form of finger keep on contracting and expanding along with the movement of soft muscles. The fat is brought to the lymphatic region and all the remaining nutritive elements are brought into the circulation from the minute blood pipes to the safety veins, liver and veins.
  • Fat is brought from small lymph to the lymphatic system and in the thoracic duct. Thereafter, the lymph goes into the right atrium of the heart by the vein situated under the rib through the stomach cavity. At the time of this process, all the nutritive elements enter into the whole body by the small intestine.  

Big intestine:

  • It is one and half meter long tube. The digested meal comes in it from the small intestines and it is made of caecum and rectum. This meal contains half digested meal and improper juice. All these meals come into the sigmoid colon passing through many parts of big intestine. This process is controlled with the help of valves.
  • When there is a lack of liquid in the digested meal, it changes into half solid substance. This kind of meal stays in sigmoid colon for sometime. At this time, the stool comes out from the body because of the involuntary contraction of the walls of rectum and looseness of the rectum.
  • The stool does not reach into the rectum properly until above mentioned process runs properly. In this situation, a person becomes the patient of constipation. Absorbing capacity of the intestine can be increased by the treatment according to modern massage therapy. Thus, digestive organs and digestion system can be made strong.