Different types of massage


Treatment of the diseases with the help of massaging :


           Massage is used in different forms in different countries of the world. Each country has its own ways and types of massage. Several techniques of massage have not been come before us till now. Strengthening to the body and muscles of the body and exciting nervous system as well increasing circulation of the blood are the aim of the massage. 

          Several techniques of massage are adopted in Indian as malabarian massage in south, muscovite massage and wrestling massage in north India.

           Nowadays, one scientific technique of massage named Swedish massage is popular in India and foreign. Swedish massage has been accepted by the doctors too. Besides it, there are other ways to massage which are used in treatment. Such techniques of massage have been given below.

Types of massage:

  1. oil massage
  2. dry massage ( friction)
  3. massage with feet
  4. cold massage
  5. alternate massage (hot and cold massage)
  6. massage with powder
  7. electric massage

           Each type of massage has its own rules and techniques. Such rules and techniques should be followed necessarily. Type of massage is chosen on the base of physical condition and disease of the patient because each type of massage cannot be done on all patients.

           Cold massage proves very beneficial in such kinds of diseases as insomnia, weakness of the nerve, warmth in the body, inflammation, dry itching, rattling sound in hands and feet, etc. Besides cold massage, oil massage can be done too. Oil massage proves very beneficial for weak, lean and thin people. A person can get rid of obesity by the help of cold and dry massage.

           Oil massage, massage with feet, alternate massage and electric massage provide lots of relief in such diseases as paralysis, joints pain, gout, backache, pain in the legs, polio of children and diseases of sciatica. Oil massage proves very beneficial during fast. Tiredness of the body disappears by powder and oil massage.

           Oil massage and cold massage prove very beneficial for healthy people. Oil massage and massage with feet provide lots of relief to the wrestlers and who do excessive exercise.

           Massage proves very useful in several diseases as massage of the backbone provides lots of relief in the weakness of the nervous system. Massage of backbone, neck and head is beneficial in insomnia. Massage of the front portion of the neck proves good if there are tonsils. Massage of the chest and back in asthma, massage of stomach in constipation, massage of head and neck in headache is beneficial. Massage of the lower portion of feet and back is beneficial in sciatica. Massage of chullika (thyroid gland) gland is good for the treatment of impotency. The patient gets lots of relief in anima if back, stomach especially liver are massaged properly.     

           Chullika (thyroid gland) gland is present in the throat of a person. A person becomes the victim of goiter if this gland becomes big. This gland resemblance to the hearth because of this reason it is called chullika (thyroid gland). This gland is a little bigger in women than men. The color of this gland is yellow with brownness. This gland becomes a little big when a woman becomes pregnant. If a kind of substance that is made in chullika gland (thyroid gland) is not produced or produced in a little quantity by this gland, the affected person becomes mad to some extant. Some children are silly since childhood. Such children do not grow properly. Teeth grow very late on one hand in such children and they decay soon on the other. Stomach puffs and face becomes pale. The child is not able to stand properly. Intellectual seems like the child although he is adult.

        Several kinds of other diseases occur in the body if there is any disturbance in this gland. Mostly, women suffer from such kinds of diseases. Women become fat because of these diseases. They suffer from hair fall and irritation. Sometimes, a woman becomes mad if this disease becomes chronic. 

           If this gland works more than the need, it is harmful for the body. Heart of a person starts to throb rapidly in this stage. Pulsation of the nerve becomes very high. The nerve pulsates 90, 100, 140 or 160 times in a minute whereas it pulsates 70-75 times in a minute.