Dietary fibe


          Dietary fiber is a factor that builds cell walls in plant. It is undigested part. It can not be destroyed by enzymes and is not able to absorb by body. This is the reason why it is considered as worthless in the view of diet and it can be thrown. But it has important properties. For example, it holds water and make sure that stool did not able to dry and constipation could not able to take place.

         There are two types of fibers- soluble in water and insoluble in water. Vegetables, wheat and most of the grains have insoluble fibers instead of soluble fibers. Insoluble fibers help in digestion and lessen the possibility of constipation. Soluble fibers decrease serum cholesterol and increases quality cholesterol named H.D.L.

        Diets having enough fibers are helpful in loosing weight. Such types of eatables have to be chew well. to digest foods having extra fibers, additional energy is needed. Fibers decrease insulin level, insulin increases appetite. In this way, food having extra fibers decrease appetite. Besides it, highly soluble fibers persist inside the stomach for long time and give the feeling of full stomach. 

        Fibers influence the structure of stools and make it heavy and solid. Stools will be as heavier as will take long time. The chaffs of wheat help in increasing stools weight. It is more effective than carrot or cabbage fibers.

        That’s why, Hippocrates said that the bread of mixture of all the grains cleans intestines.

       Fibers absorbs all the water inside the stomach give the feeling of full stomach, so the people who want to loose their weight and take it for this purpose, they should take it before food or with food and those who do not want to loose their weight, they should not take it after meals.