Diet of Newly Born Baby



Dose (quantity) of milk

Number of Time


Newly born baby

75 to 90 gram

6 times

At an interval of every 1-1 hours

1 to 3 month old baby

100 to 150 gram

5 times

At an interval of every 2-2 hours

3 to 6 month old baby

150 to 240 gram

5 times

At an interval of every 3-3 hours

6 to 7 month old baby

200 to 300 gram

4 times

At an interval of every 4-4 hours

Newly born baby-

        The baby depending on only mother’s milk has no need of water, but in case of loose motions or fever, only 2 spoons  of boiled and clean water may be given.  

1.5 to 3 month old baby-

        This type of baby can be fed by breasts or only by the milk of cow, buffalo, etc.

3 to 6 month old baby-

        Normally, women feed 3 to 6 months old baby with their breasts as well as with the milk of cow or buffalo, biscuit, banana, boiled potato, crushed apple, yolk (of an egg), honey and water of kidney-bean, etc.      

6 to 9 months baby-

      Milk, diluted pulse of kidney-bean, water of the mixture of rice and pulse, biscuit, fruit’s juice, the juice of vegetable and boiled meat, yolk (the yellow part of an egg), custard, etc. may be given to such babies.   

Baby of 9 months or more-

        All types of food stuffs used by family members can be given to the baby of this age as diet. Foods given to the baby must be fresh and clean. Eating many times is harmful for the baby. So, he/she should be allowed to eat foods 3 times a day only. The diet given to the baby should not have additional fat. Tea, banana, synthetic juice, etc. are harmful for the baby.