Urination again and again is known as ‘Polyuria’ (diabetes). The patient urinates again and again due to some particular disease in his body. At present, there is no any treatment available for this disease, because there has no any reason found till now, but this disease can be controlled. In this disease, first of all, the skin of the patient becomes dry and rough with increasing the body temperature from 94 to 97 degree; the patient feels much thirsts, depreaved hunger (over eating), constipation, urination again and again; body becomes lean; the gums is swollen; stool is solid. Offensive breath goes on coming from the mouth of polyuria patient; tongue is cracked; excretion in the form of flaccid. When this disease becomes chronic, the patient feels lack of appetite; his body starts becoming thin and weak; dry and defiled boils starts appearing on the body or wounds appear on the back. In the case of diabetes in a woman, she feels itching sensation in her uterus with excitement. Excessive sexual excitement has found in male suffered from this disease. If this disease persists for a long time, burning sensation begins in the lungs and also be the possibility of T.B with cough. In the condition of polyuria, the patient urinates about 3.50 to 18.50 litre of urine. If sugar comes with urine, it is called ‘Diabetes’ while if sugar does not come with urine, it is called ‘Polyuria’. If ants and flies become gathered around urine of a person, he is suffering from diabetes.

Mainly 3 types of symptoms are found in the condition of diabetes- 1. Sugar comes with urine. 2. Urination again and again in large volume. 3. Feeling too much thirst at night.

Diabetes is a ferocious (dangerous) disease and it is not cured after occurring. Some scientists believed that diabetes occurs due to disordering of the glands that produce insulin. Insulin controls the sugar level in the body, but when it becomes out of order due to any reason, it is not able to control sugar level. In this situation, sugar starts coming out with blood and urine due to increasing sugar level, which is called diabetes. To cure such diabetes patient, homoeopathic doctors have discovered several drugs.    

Abstinence with the use of drugs:-

A polyuria patient should take bath after massaging his body with mustard oil. It makes the skin healthy. Old rice, lava of paddy, honey, lasodha, banana’s flowers, radish leaves, meat soup, butter less whey, etc. should be taken. To quenches his thirst, patient should drink cold water after mixing lemon juice in it and eating amla is also very useful to quench thirst.

Bread of fine flour, rice, fish, sugar, jaggery, sweets, ghee or other oily eatables should not be taken. Always avoid it.

For reading tips click below links      Treatment of this disease by following drugs:
1.     Syzygium Jambo:-

Syzygium Jambo:-

    If a diabetes patient urinates in large volume, feels much thirsty, giving 5 drops of the mother tincture of Syzygium Jambo at an interval of every 3-3 hours or 5 drops of Syzygium Jambo 2x at an interval of every 8-8 hours is beneficial. This drug can be taken with other drugs of diabetes. If urine of a diabetes patient is too heavy and sugar comes with it, giving Syzygium Jambo 3x or 6x is beneficial.
    2.     Sephelendra Indica-

    Sephelendra Indica-

      If the hands and legs of a polyuria patient feel burning sensation and the symptoms of increasing biles in the body begin, 5 to 10 drops of the mother tincture of Sephelendra Indica should be taken twice a day.
      3.     Arsenic bromide-

      Arsenic bromide-

        This drug is very useful for a diabetes patient. This drug is also beneficial in the serious condition of diabetes. If sugar comes with urine in an additional quantity and seems like sugar treacle, giving 3 drops of the mother tincture of Arsenic bromide thrice a day after adding it in a glass of water is beneficial. It controls disease within a week and stops thirst. Use this drug until sugar level is decreased in urine. In the condition of decreasing the sugar level, use this drug only 2 times a day. Fresh food should be taken with this drug also.
        4.     Natrum-sulph-


          In the condition of different symptoms of diabetes and chronic diabetes, using Natrum-sulph 12x or 200 or Natrum-phos 6x or 200 is very effective. Using both these drugs for 4 to 5 months is beneficial. If a diabetes patient has suffered from arthritis too, using Natrum-phos is very effective. Several types of symptoms have seen in a diabetes patient like- coming red coloured sediments in urine and patient feels urination again and again at night due to which, he can sleep properly. This disease is aggravated by living in the moist and damp place and in the rainy season. Therefore, using Natrum-sulph 6x is beneficial for such types of diabetes patient. This drug can be also used in the condition of filling water in any organs of the body.
          5.     Lactic-acid-


            Using this drug in polyuria cures urination again and again.
            6.     Plumbum-iod-


              If uric acid comes in urine with the symptoms of urination again and again, Plumbum-iod 6x should be used.
              7. Secale-


                Using this drug decreases sugar level in the urine.
                8. Acid-phosphoric-


                  If a person has suffered from diseae of the nervous system with polyuria and other symptoms like- backache at night, weak and thin body, thin (watery) sperm, etc. are also found, taking Acid-phosphoric 1x or 6 is very effective. In the condition of sadness, profuse urination with sugar, pain in the back and urinary bladder, feels much thirst, lack of memory power, weak body and decreasing the power of reproductive organs, etc, using Acid-phosphoric 2x or 6 is beneficial in such symptoms.
                  9. Argentum Metallicum-

                  Argentum Metallicum-

                    If polyuria occurs with symptoms like- swelling in the heel or both the legs, weak body, urination in large volume especially at night, coming dirty urine and sugar with urine, weakness of the reproductive organs, etc. using Argentum-Metallicum 3 or 30 is very effective in such symptoms.
                    10. Terebinthina-


                      If a diabetes patient urinates again and again, urine comes with sugar, patient belches more, he does not like to do any work, he urinates again and again at night, feels burning sensation in the urinary pipe while urination, urine comes out with sperm, sometimes colourless urine comes, taking Terebinthina 3 is very effective.
                      11. Helonius-


                        In this disease, urine comes in a large volume with white particles of the blood; urine has high sugar level, feels much thirst, restlessness persists, the patient’s body goes on becoming weak day-by-day. Therefore, using Helonius 6 or its mother tincture is very effective in such symptoms of diabetes.
                        12. Uranium Nitricum-

                        Uranium Nitricum-

                          In the case of polyuria, food does not digest properly due to malfunctioning (disordering) of the digestive system. Constipation persists; tongue is red; patient feels sleeplessness at night; the reproductive organs feel burning sensation while urination; mucus like pus comes out from the eyes and nose; the body becomes weak day after day and sugar level is increased in urine, etc., using Uranium Nitricum 2x or 3 is very effective in such symptoms of polyuria.
                          13. Argentum Nitricum-

                          Argentum Nitricum-

                            The patient suffering from polyuria urinates again and again. Sugar comes with urine. The patient has much desire to eat sweet things. Sometimes, he vomits with nauseate. Much anxious and sadness are the symptoms which have seen in the patient. Therefore, giving Argentum-Nitricum 3 or 30 is very effective in such symptoms.
                            14. Kreosote-


                              If the patient has desire to urinate again and again and red sediments come with urine; holding power of urine in the urinary bladder is decreased by which, the patient can not able to hold urine even for little time, using Kreosote 6, 12 or 30 is beneficial.
                              15. Codinum-


                                When a person has suffered from polyuria, several types of symptoms occur like- restlessness, mental madness, itching on the skin, heat, feeling numbness, mental disturbance, and pain like pricking spine, cramps in the hands and legs with shivering in the entire body, etc. Therefore, Codinum 2 should be used.
                                16. Natrum-mur-


                                  Several types of symptoms begin to generate in the polyuria patient. In this disease, when the patient gets angry or speaks loudly, urine comes out by itself (enuresis) and he feels pain in the urinary pipe after urination. In such symptoms, the patient should use Natrum-mur 30. If this drug is failed, Silica 3 or 6 should be used.
                                  17. Insuline-


                                    Sometimes polyuria occurs due to lack of hormones. When the glands that produce insuline in the body becomes out of order due to any reason and does not able to produce insuline, this disease occurs. In this condition, taking Insuline 3x, 30x or 30, 200 is very effective to cure this gland.
                                    18. Phosphoric acid-

                                    Phosphoric acid-

                                      Use of this drug is very effective in the case of diabetes with the symptoms related to nervous disease. If the patient urinates in a large volume, urine colour is white like milk and sugar comes with urine in much quantity, patient has become physically weak and pain generates in the muscles of hands, legs and the whole body, etc. In such symptoms, patient should take Phosphoric acid 1x. This drug is also very effective in diabetes that occurs due to over anxious and sadness. Using this disease in the initial stage of diabetes cures the disease completely.
                                      19. Lactic acid-

                                      Lactic acid-

                                        If an arthritis patient has suffered from polyuria then Lactic acid 3 or 30 should be used.