Diabetes mellitus


Treatment with the help of acupressure :


In most of the cases of diabetes, there is no any effective treatment of it found, but today medical science has been successful in controlling this disease. We know that our body gets energy from glucose, so easily digestible glucose i.e. sugar should be taken that is found naturally in fruits, fruits juice, honey and grains. These substances are digested easily after mixing with saliva. If we have to control this disease, it is necessary to chew every morsels minimum 15 times properly. The habit of chewing food should be followed by childhood. 


Diabetes occurs due to decreasing insulin level inside the body. We all know that insulin controls sugar level in blood and if the insulin level is decreased in the blood, sugar level is increased in the blood that causes diabetes. This disease does not occur only due to deficiency of insulin in the blood, but it can be also occurred due to various types of such changes in the body that are responsible for the malfunctioning of clone glands.

When we eat different types of foods having sugar and starch, our digestive systems break the sugar and starch separately and convert in to glucose. After that, glucose is mixed in the blood easily. The insulin produced in the pancreas located just below the stomach helps in the absorption of glucose from the blood.

Glucose provides required energy for different types of functions of muscles and other body organs. After completing such functions, remaining glucose is collected in the liver and later it is converted into energy or fat for proper functions of the entire body and used by the body. In the body of a diabetes patient, the pancreas does not able to produce as enough insulin as is required for the absorption of glucose. In few cases, the production of insulin is stopped completely.         

Diabetes can be hereditary too and goes on continuing generation to generation. The age also affects the functions of pancreas due to which this disease is occurred. It is also occurred due to obesity, because a fat person eats much that is responsible for metabolic changes in the digestive process and he is suffered from diabetes. In many of such cases, the requirement of insulin is increased due to growth of physical shape and the pancreas becomes unable to fulfill the requirement of extra insulin due to which its level is decreased in the body and the fat person is suffered from diabetes.

When the lymph gland in the body does not work properly, required sugar does not able to reach in the brain-merujal due to which sugar level is increased in the blood and a person is suffered from diabetes.    

There are two types of diabetes-

  • Diabetes caused by insulin factor.
  • Diabetes caused by non-insulin factor.

By giving pressure on the acupoints as shown in figure, the patient gets much relief.Diabetes caused by insulin factor-

Diabetes occurs in a person when the production of insulin is stopped in the body. This type of diabetes occurs in teenagers and later it is aggravated much. This disease is multiplied soon and makes the patient too weak within few days. The patient feels frequent thirst and goes for urination again and again. He starts loosing his weight day-by-by, because the body starts using fat for energy that causes confusion and sadness. If it is not treated on time, it becomes as aggravated as the patient lost his conscious and becomes unconscious.  

A diabetes patient is infected by few particular types of infections comparison to a normal person, because this disease is helpful to invite bacteria, viruses and fungus. If wounds, boils, eruptions, etc. are appeared in the diabetes patient, they take long time to heal than normal person. Sugar is increased in the urine of such patient that causes burning and itching sensation in his reproductive organs. The wounds, cuts and injury do not able to heal soon.  

By giving pressure on the acupoints as shown in figure, the patient gets much relief.Diabetes due to non-insulin factor-

The patient of such types of diabetes has little sugar in his blood, because the production of insulin is not stopped completely or produced in little quantity. This disease occurs mostly around the age of 40 years and the weight of the patient is also over than normal people. The patient of such type feels extra thirst and feels frequent urination. These symptoms take few days to come in existence. The patient suffering from this disease feels tiredness and like pricking needles; lack of vision, etc.

In case of its serious condition, we should talk to a doctor and should take treatment according to his advice.  

Treatment of acupressure by acupressure treatment system-

By giving pressure on the acupoints as shown in figure, the patient gets much relief.

Treatment of diabetes by acupressure treatment system-

The main organs that are responsible for diabetes are kidneys, intestines, liver, stomach and pancreas. Due to relaxation of their functional ability, sugar is increased in the body, so giving pressure on the acupoints related to them does not only improve their functional ability, but also plays an important role in prevention of this disease. By taking diet and exercises regularly and by giving pressure with following abstinence, the patient gets relief in diabetes.

By giving pressure according to all these three figures, the patient gets much benefit and diabetes is cured.By giving pressure on the acupoints as shown in figure, the patient gets much relief.

Diabetes can be controlled by giving pressure on these acupoints till 1 month as shown in figure.

Important tips of a diabetes patient-

  • A diabetes patient should not take milk adding sugar in it. If needed, add little turmeric in milk for taste. Drinking this milk purifies the blood and the skin feels freshness. 
  • In this disease, the patient should take less sugar and sweets.
  • Soak two pieces of lady’s fingers in half glass of water after tearing by its middle portion and in the next morning, crush it and take this sticky water in an empty stomach. After then, do not eat and drink anything for few minutes. If the patient is affected by cold again and again, take this water as lukewarm. With it, acupressure treatment is also beneficial in this disease.
  • Keep 5-10 mango leaves in water till 30 minutes. After sometimes, prepared its juice and give to the patient up to 25 to 35 days, it is very beneficial in diabetes.
  • It is very important for a diabetes patient to keep control on his diet; he should not take such food stuffs having carbohydrates in rich quantity like- potatoes, mango, sugar, rice, milk, sweets prepared from milk, fried and roasted eatables, tea, coffee, alcohol, etc.
  • A diabetes patient should take light exercises daily in the morning and evening. Addition to it, acupressure treatment is also beneficial for the patient.
  • A diabetes patient should walk as far as possible.
  • He should be careful while sitting, standing and sleeping. Always sit, stand and sleep in right posture.
  • He should use bitter gourd and plum (blackberry) in enough quantity in his diet.
  • Taking the juice of bitter gourd is very beneficial for a diabetes patient.
  • He should use lady’s finger and coriander in appropriate quantity in his diet.
  • He should also used basil in his food items. It acts as a very effective medicine in diabetes.