When sugar level is increased in the blood or sugar starts to come with urine, these are the symptoms of diabetes. Mostly, it also occurs due to decreasing insulin level. The function of insulin is to maintain the sugar level in the body.    

There are 2 types of diabetes:-

1. Diabetes that occurs due to decreasing insulin in the body.

2. Diabetes that occurs due to obstruction in the function of insulin.   


A healthy person must have 80 to 100 mg of sugar level in an empty stomach in the morning and 140 mg after taking meals.


Mostly, diabetes is hereditary. Besides it, sometimes it can also occur due to over obesity, a type of chronic disease, by infection and defects of food.


  • In this disease, patient feels urination again and again due to which he has to get up in the night several times for urination.
  • He keeps on feeling thirst again and again, but the mouth keeps on drying after drinking water.
  • His weight is decreased day-by-day.
  • He starts on suffering from lack of vision.
  • He keeps on feeling headache.
  • It is hard to recover any type of wound.
  • Women keep on feeling burning sensation again and again in her vagina.

Difficulty due to diabetes:-

  • The blood vessels that supply blood to the eyes are dead.
  • The other parts of the body do not get enough blood due to coming smoothness in the arteries.
  • There is high possibility of gangrene in the case of getting hurt.
  • This disease affects the kidneys too much.
  • If diabetes becomes violent, the sufferer faces other difficulties like- high blood pressure or heart attack, etc.


  • The patient does not stop to take drugs of diabetes by himself.
  • The diabetes should never take liquor and smoking.
  • He should not take fried things and stimulant enough in her diet.
  • The diabetes patient should take exercise daily and should walk for minimum 45 minutes.
  • The patient should keep control his weight.
  • Raw vegetables and its salad should be eaten enough in her diet.  
  • Whenever, patient goes for a walk, keeps a packet of biscuits with him and when he feels vertigo, eat 1-2 pieces of biscuits.
  • When he gets cut or scratch, boils or swelling, consult a doctor immediately.
  • He should never walk with bare feet and toes nails should be cut regularly.
  • He should wear good quality padded shoes.
  • Fish oil should be taken by a diabetes patient, because it can also enhance sugar level in the body.

What should we eat:-

  • The diabetes patient should take diet having low calorie.
  • Fried and roasted food should be eaten in a little quantity.
  • Salad should be taken in his diet enough.
  • Vegetables that are grown under soil like- potato, onion, with mango, banana, etc., should eat in little.
  • He should drink the juice of bitter guard regularly.
  • Tea, coffee, coke, chocolate, pastry, jam and sweets should not be taken.