Nowadays, the disease named diabetes is a common disease. Diabetes means presence of sugar in the blood. Sexual power of the diabetic reduces very much due to this disease. Old diabetic lose their sexual power and become impotent according to the specialists of diabetes. In the beginning they suffer from such kinds of symptoms as lack of erection in the penis, no desire for sexual intercourse, lack of sperms in the semen, etc. after sometimes, this problem transforms into impotency.


Insulin hormone excretes from the glands named pancreas when a person becomes the patient of this disease. Inner cells of the body do not get blood in sufficient quantity due to this reason and quantity of blood enhances in the blood. a man becomes gloomy and suffers from bodily and sexual weakness as level of sugar increases in the blood.    

Penis of the patient of this disease becomes lazy in this disease. The patient always feels laziness. When a man desires for sexual intercourse, the brain sends this message to the penis because of which penis becomes erect after the up and down circulation in the penis. In this disease blood pipes of marrow do not supply sex hormones in a proper way. Sexual power of the nerves reduces very much due to this reason. The patient does not feel sexual urge, erection in the penis, no enjoyment during sexual intercourse, no orgasm and other problems. The patient takes long time in getting erection in the penis after making sexual intercourse once.

Impacts of diabetes:-

Sometimes, the penis does get full erection because of the opposite impact on the nervous system due to diabetes. Activity of adrenalin hormones enhances in this disease and sometimes acetil colin a kind of secretion excretes in less quantity. Sometimes, a kind of secretion named nitric oxcide cinthage in the blood pipes of marrow and due to this reason level of the production di-hidro testosterone and free testosterone reduces. Veins of blood which circulates blood become small due to diabetes. Penis does not get full erection in the lack of blood circulation.

Blood and urine should be tested if there is doubt of diabetes. The victim can control over this disease if he pays attention on medicines and does change in his eating and living styles.


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