Dhoop Saral


Color: Dhoop Saral flowers are black, yellow and white.

Taste: It is vapid (tasteless).

Structure: This tree is found in Himalaya. It has a juice like the gum which is called Dhoop saral.

Nature: Dhoop Saral is hot.

Precaution: Taking over quantity of Dhoop Saral causes illusion.

Removing bad effects: - Taking sugar and honey with it is useful to remove its bad effects.

Comparison: It can be compared with poppy seeds.

Dose: six grams.

Qualities: Dhoop Saral is useful to end body swelling. It ends pus and cures wounds. It is also useful to cure epilepsy, dry cough and asthma. Applying its paste on the affected part removes spots of wound and provides fair-skin.

Filter its powder by a thick cloth piece and mix sugar (according to need) in this powder. Taking 9 grams this powder with cow milk in the morning daily is useful to cure spermatorrhoea and night-fall.