Devil’s Cotton



Devil’s cotton is an herbal medicine of cold region. In hot regions its trees are found on 3000 to 4000 feet height. Its natural or planted trees are found in Utter Pradesh to West Bengal,Introduction:

Devil’s cotton is an herbal medicine of cold region. In hot regions its trees are found on 3000 to 4000 feet height. Its natural or planted trees are found in Utter Pradesh to West Bengal, Assam, khasia and Sikkim. Flowers appear upon its trees in rainy season and fruits in the winter season.

Names in different languages:

English        -            Kamapsese bevjjved

Hindi           -            Ulatkambal

Sanskrit       -           Pisash karpash, Peevri,

                               Ritumati, Uchhat, Yonipushp                   

Gujrati         -           Ullatkambal, Allkatabol

Marathi        -          Ullatkambal, Allkatabol

Bengali        -          Olat kambal

Telugu         -          Gongu, Kodgongu

Outer structure:

            Devils cotton trees are small in size which grows in groups. Its branches are soft and velvety and its bark is white and hairy. Its leaf looks as lady finger’s leaf. It is divided into 5-7 parts. It has triangle cuts at the edges and looks like round lotus. There are some red colour lines on its leaf. Leaf’s upper side is rough like hair. Its leaves are 6 inches long and its upper leaves are in spear or heart shaped. Devil cotton’s red flowers are three inches long and bend downwards earth like poppy seeds flower. At ripening when flower falls on the earth, its mouth opens towards sky. It is the reason that it is called Ulatkambal. Shining cotton contains in its dried flowers. If we touch it, it creates itch. There are two lines of seeds inside its fruit in black or yellow colour like radish. The bark of its root is brown and there is a white pulp in it. A thick gum comes out when its roots is cut.

Chemical structure: Greasy elements, carbohydrates and resin are found in much quantity in its roots. There is alkaloid also in little quantity in it. Magnesium is found in much quantity in it which remains with hydroxyl acid in combine stage.

Properties: It is pungent. It is useful medicine for the treatment of vagina, uterus, stomach diseases, piles, stomach inflammation and disorders of menses and sterility.

For reading tips click below links      Devil’s cotton is useful in different diseases:
1.     Disorders of menstrual excretion:

Disorders of menstrual excretion and uterus:

    • Take 2 ml warm juice of devils cotton root for some days regularly. Its use provides relief in every types of pain during menstrual excretion.
    • Grind devils cotton root with one gram black pepper. Take it before one week of starting menstrual excretion and carry on it during menstrual excretion. It regulates menstrual excretion. Its use ends sterility and strengthens uterus.
    • If a lady feels pain in uterus, thighs and waist due to irregular menstrual excretion, give 4 ml devils cotton juice to her after mixing with sugar. Its use will provide relief within two days.
    • Grind 50 grams devils cotton’s dried bark with barley and prepare a decoction with 625 ml water. After that, take this decoction in right dose, it normalizes menstrual excretion. Its use should start before one week of starting of menstrual excretion.
    • Take 4 grams devils cotton root’s bark with seven seeds of black pepper for seven days regularly. All uterus defects are cured if lady take it for 2 to 4 months regularly. It is the best medicine for the treatment of sterility and leucorrhoea.
    2.     Abstinence:


      Take normal food and milk and pass the life with celibacy.
      3.     Conception:


        Take 1.5 grams devils cotton root bark, 3-4 beetle stems and three black peppers, grind them with fresh water and swallow in the morning on empty stomach. Use this medicine before one week of starting menstrual excretion.
        4.     Gonorrhea:


          Prepare mixture by taking equal quantity of devils cotton fresh leaves and branches. This preparation is very useful for the treatment of gonorrhea.
          5.     Diabetes mellitus:

          Diabetes mellitus:

            Taking 10 to 20 ml devils cotton juice is useful for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Take this medicine twice a day.
            6.     Vagina pain:

            Vagina pain:

              To get relief in vagina pain, take 5 to 10 ml devils cotton’s juice after mixing sugar in it.