Depression is a mental disease in which a person observes several failures in his life. The patient lives in gloomy in this disease consequently, lack of energy takes place in him and happiness starts to reduce from his life. Lack of mental and physical zest is called depression or dullness.


         Function of Adrenal glands is the main cause of depression. This disease occurs because of lack of vegetables in meal and excessive use of carbohydrate as corn, sugar, tea, coffee or chocolate. The patient becomes the victim of indigestion in this condition. There is pain in the heart or lungs of the patient and tissues get scanty oxygen. Consequently, polluted air increases and the person absorbs into gloominess unwillingly. Besides it, vitamins or minerals in the body works in wrong way and thus gloominess produces.  A person becomes the victim of diabetes and liver or spleen weakness if there is a lack of calcium in the body. This condition results in depression.


         In this disease, feelings of violence and exploitation occur in the mind of the patient. He feels no hunger and suffers from giddiness, restlessness and nervousness. Weak body, constipation, sensation of pain, gloominess, lack of concentration and a condition of to be or not to be are the symptoms of depression.

Meal and abstinence:

  • The patient of depression should take fruit, breads, pulses and vegetables in enough quantity. Mind and body of a person remain healthy by taking fruit and vegetables.
  • In this situation, the patient should take milk, fruit and biscuit in the breakfast in the morning.
  • Depression remains far from a person if he takes milk, green vegetables, salad and sprouted pulses at night. 

Treatment of disease by different medicines:

1. Cinnamon: Grind cinnamon with water and apply on the forehead.  Its use stops headache and ends depression.

2. Jasmine: Jasmine is good medicine for the treatment of depression.

3. Depression: If a weak person has been suffering from depression, he should smell henna flowers and apply its flowers paste on the forehead.

4. Soap nut: Grind soap nut fruit with 1-2 black peppers and pour 4-5 drops of this preparation into the nose. Its use ends migraine.

5. Purgative croton: Mix one spoon purgative oil with three spoons olive oil. Massage head with this oil after cutting hair. Its use vanish depression.

6. Coach Grass: If there is excessive inflammation or heat, extract juice by grinding coach grass and apply all over the body. The person gets a lot of relief by its use.

7. Sweet beet: Mental weakness ends and memory enhances by taking sweet beet juice or its salad.

8. Carrot: Drink 250 ml juice of carrot regularly ends depression. Persons, who work in offices or students who are preparing for examination should take carrot juice necessarily. Its use proves very beneficial.

9. Nigella: Mix one spoon oil of nigella in one cup of hot water. Drink this preparation at night before going to bed. Its use ends depression.

10. Persian lilac: Prepare a paste by grinding flowers of Persian lilac. Its use ends the itching of the brain.

11. Castor: Grind castor root with edipta Alba juice and smell. Its use creates sneezing and headache ends.