Depression is a mental disease in which a person observes several failures in his life. The patient lives in gloomy in this disease consequently, lack of energy takes place in him and happiness starts to reduce from his life. Lack of mental and physical zest is called depression or dullness.


         Function of Adrenal glands is the main cause of depression. This disease occurs because of lack of vegetables in meal and excessive use of carbohydrate as corn, sugar, tea, coffee or chocolate. The patient becomes the victim of indigestion in this condition. There is pain in the heart or lungs of the patient and tissues get scanty oxygen. Consequently, polluted air increases and the person absorbs into gloominess unwillingly. Besides it, vitamins or minerals in the body works in wrong way and thus gloominess produces.  A person becomes the victim of diabetes and liver or spleen weakness if there is a lack of calcium in the body. This condition results in depression.


         In this disease, feelings of violence and exploitation occur in the mind of the patient. He feels no hunger and suffers from giddiness, restlessness and nervousness. Weak body, constipation, sensation of pain, gloominess, lack of concentration and a condition of to be or not to be are the symptoms of depression.

Meal and abstinence:

  • The patient of depression should take fruit, breads, pulses and vegetables in enough quantity. Mind and body of a person remain healthy by taking fruit and vegetables.
  • In this situation, the patient should take milk, fruit and biscuit in the breakfast in the morning.
  • Depression remains far from a person if he takes milk, green vegetables, salad and sprouted pulses at night. 

For reading tips click below links      Such medicines are useful in depression:
1.     Whey:


    A person should take whey along with chapattis and boiled vegetables in lunch. Depression remains far from him if he follows above suggestion.
    2.     Music:


      A person gets free from depression by taking bath in rain and listening to the music. Patience, laughing and happiness play an important role in the treatment of depression.
      3.     Indian gooseberry:

      Indian gooseberry:

        Regular use of Indian gooseberry compote is useful for the treatment of depression.
        4.     Grass:


          Walk on the green grass without sleepers in the morning and evening, it proves beneficial in depression.
          5.     Civet:


            A patient of depression should take 1\4 gram civet with wine twice a day. Gloominess disappears and the patient becomes happy by doing this.
            6.     Bengal quince:

            Bengal quince:

              Grind 10 grams Bengal quince root and take twice a day. Its use ends laziness, gloominess and madness.
              7. Oldenanldia carymbosa:

              Oldenanldia carymbosa:

                Prepare a decoction by boiling Oldenanldia carymbosa and take twice a day. Its use ends depression and gloominess.
                8. Indian cotton plant:

                Indian cotton plant:

                  Prepare syrup by mixing Indian cotton plant’s flower in water and give to the patient to drink 3-4 times a day. Its use ends laziness and gloominess.
                  9. Indian penny wort:

                  Indian penny wort:

                    Take 10 ml juice of Indian pennywort or half to one gram its powder, it use ends gloominess, depression or laziness.
                    10. Ipomoea renifermis:

                    Ipomoea renifermis:

                      Dissolve half to one grams panchang of ipomoea renifermis in water and take. Its use cleans stomach and in this way laziness of the body ends.
                      11. Coffee:


                        Toast coffee seeds and make powder. Mix this powder in water and boil. Drink this water, it ends laziness and body gets new energy.
                        12. Coca:


                          Body gets new energy by chewing coca leaves and laziness ends by its use.
                          13. Tea:


                            Boil the leaves of tea in water and drink in lukewarm condition. Depression and laziness end by drinking it.
                            14. Millefolia yarrow:

                            Millefolia yarrow:

                              Prepare 20-40 ml decoction by boiling millefolia yarrow and take 2-3 times a day. Its use ends laziness and body gets new freshness.