Child’s teeth come out during six months to tenth month if calcium is sufficient in child’s body. Moreover, if there is a lack of it in the body, child suffers from fever, green and yellow loose motions, constipation and watery mouth, irritation and other diseases.  

Treatment by different medicines:

1. Sweet flag root: Give 1\4 gram piece of sweet flag root to child to chew twice a day. Its use reduces pain during dentition.

2. Berbeng: Boil milk with Berbeng and indian sesparilla country (anantmool) and give to the child to drink twice a day. Its use remains the child far from flatulence, constipation and indigestion, stomach pain and other problems. Child feels no difficulty during dentition.

3. Gummy Gardema: Mix 60 gram gummy Gardema, a type of gum, in hot water and filter. Give it to the child to drink twice a day. Its use remains far to the child from diseases, which originate during dentition as loose motions, stomach pain, vomiting and many more.

4. Emetic nut: Rub emetic nut fruits pulp powder on child’s gum if child has been suffering from fever due to dentition. Its use provides relief.

5. Indian birthroot: Mix 0.5-1.5 grams powder of Indian birthroot Panchang with honey and black pepper powder. Give this preparation to the child to lick. Its use cures all diseases during dentition.

6. Pistacia Integerrima: If child has been suffering from fever, cough, dysentery and other stomach diseases during dentition, prepare a powder by grinding Pistacia Intergerrima, Indian Atees, small pepper each in equal quantity and filter through a cloth. Give 1\4 gram this preparation to the child to lick with honey thrice a day. If nut grass root is mixed in it, it works well. Vomiting and other diseases are cured by its use.


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