Dental caries



         Sometimes, a person suffers from lancinating pain in teeth by eating hot and cold foodstuff which trans into pain later on. He suffers this pain continuously. If the treatment is not started soon, there can be a need of eruption of teeth. Sometimes, teeth break themselves after decaying and hollowness takes place in teeth. Thus, the victim suffers from dental caries.

Causes of dental caries:

  • Particles of food remain in the teeth if a person does not cleanse his teeth properly after having meal or drinking any thing. In this condition, germs start to take birth in the teeth. These viruses weaken the teeth because of which teeth fall. Sometimes, the patient becomes the victim of dental caries. 
  • Use of betel leaf, tobacco, beetle nut, Gutkha, etc. can be the cause of dental caries.
  • Several germs take birth in the teeth if the patient has been suffering from constipation and other diseases of the body. Due to this reason, a person becomes the patient of dental caries.
  • A person becomes the patient of this disease in the lack of vitamin ‘C’, vitamin ‘D’ and calcium.
  • A person can become the patient of this disease if he eats excessive cold and hot foodstuffs.
  • Eating chocolates on a large scale can be the cause of dental caries.
  • Excessive use of sweets and toffee can be the cause of this disease.
  • Teeth remain far from proper exercise if a person does not chew any thing properly or he eats soft things.
  • There is a need of calcium to digest sugar or the products made with sugar. Power of digestion is extracted from teeth. That is the reason why teeth and bones become weak. Thus, a person becomes the patient of dental caries.

Treatment of dental caries:

  • Generally, there is no treatment of dental caries in nature therapy but teeth can be saved from this disease.
  • A person should not eat sugar, sweets or packaged foodstuffs on a large scale otherwise he may be the victim this disease.
  • A person should gargle by mixing salt in water in the morning if he wants to remain far from this disease. The patient of this disease gets lots of relief and he does not become the victim of this disease.
  • If a person has been suffering from any problem in teeth, he should gargle by boiling neem leaves in water.
  • Mix mustard oil in salt and turmeric powder properly. Paste this preparation on teeth and gums with the help of finger. Its use provides lots of relief. A person never suffers from any dental problem if he does so.   
  • If neem leaves are chewed for ten minutes by a person in the morning, noon and evening, he never becomes the patient of dental problems.
  • Toast the bark of neem and alum. Thereafter, grind both of them into fine powder and fill into a bottle. Cleanse teeth with this powder to avoid from dental problems.
  • Whole body of a person should be cured by natural treatments along with the external treatment of different kinds of dental problems. Some such kinds of external treatments are as fast, enema, a bandage of soil, waist bath, coverings of throat, sunbath, etc.
  • A person can remain far from dental caries if he does not have any kind of teeth problem.
  • If there is too much hollowness in teeth, they should be filled up by the doctor because if they are not filled up, germs will take birth in teeth and there can be a need of eruption of teeth.