Dental abscess



In this disease, pus is formed in the gums that cause toothache; pus and blood start coming out from teeth.


When teeth are become hollow or get germs, food particles are trapped in them that start decaying later. After sometimes, wounds and blisters are appeared and the cells of that part are died. In this way, teeth are decayed completely and pus also starts blowing from them.


In the symptoms of pus in teeth, violent pain takes place in teeth and pus also comes out. Such type of pain is aggravated more while eating and sometimes blood also starts coming out from teeth. Due to pus, the taste of his mouth or throat is become worse; swelling comes on the face and the patient can complaints about severe fever and restlessness.


Gargle after eating food or anything so that food particles do able to trap in teeth. Teeth should be brushed (cleaned) minimum 3 times in a day.

This disease can be treated by giving pressure through acupressure treatment system on the acupoints as shown in figure.