Dengue Fever



         In this fever, the sufferer feels severe pain in the bones, as the bones become break. It is an infectious disease, which spreads by a Culix named mosquito from a sufferer to a healthy person’s body. The patient has anorexia (hunger problem). Fever increases from 103˚F to 105˚F. Within a week, the patient has the following symptoms i.e. – sweat, diarrhea, epistaxis (bleeding from nose). If this fever is in cronical stage, the patient has also the following symptoms- ear pain, ear swelling and lungs swelling.


         In dengue fever, the patient suffers severe fever suddenly without cough and catarrh, body pain, bones pain, etc. With it, serious pain in forehead, pain in the back part of the eyes, muscles and joint pain, anorexia, tasteless of mouth, appearing pimples like measles on the chest, vomiting and photophobia are also the symptoms of this disease. Sometime, blood is also bleeds, which is called Himorejik. At this time, the symptoms are as follow – serious and continue stomachache, cold yellow and oily skin, and red pimples on the face, legs and hands. In himorejik dengue, the patient also suffers from bleeding from internal parts of the body. Blood is blow from the nose, mouth and stool because of that patient suffers from giddiness. Frequent vomiting without or with blood, restlessness, and continuously crying, excessive thirst or continuously dryness of mouth, etc. symptom occur in the patient. The Himorejik dengue is very dangerous. Dengue fever is like a common fever.

Treatment by different medicines:

1. Rauwolfia serpentina: Mix powder of rauwolfia serpentina fruit, black pepper, dikamali sweet flag and chiretta together. The patient feels relief in dengue by taking 1-2 grams this medicine twice a day.

2. Alangium lamarchii Ehwaites (Ankot) :

  • Cook 3 grams powder of the root of alangium lamarchii ehwaites and 2 grams powder of sweet flag root or powder of dry ginger with boiled water rice thereafter give it to the patient, it provides relief in fever and useful in flu too.
  • Cook 120 mg to 360 mg bark of the root of alangium lamarchii ehwaites and dry ginger with boiled water of rice thereafter give it to the patient regularly, it provides relief in dengue. Make light warm to ground leaves of it and tie it on the affected parts, it provides relief in pain too.

3. Impure Carbonate of Potash: Taking about less than one-gram impure carbonate of potash with juice of neem leaves or decoction of neem twice a day causes of sweat and reduces fever because of that body pain is cured.

4. Indian birthwort: Dengue fever is cured by taking about half to 2 grams powder of Indian birthwort twice a day.

5. Sandal: Cast 5 to 10 drops of sandal oil on sugar-cake (batasa) and take it, and drink water upon it. Use this process twice a day to reduce fever.

6. Karpurasav: Cast 5 to 10 drops of karpurasav on sugar-cake and then take it twice a day. The blood nerves are spreading and causes of sweat because of that fever, inflammation and mystification are reduced.

7. General Treatment: If the patient suffers from severe dengue fever, wet piece of cloth can be putted on the forehead. Extra quantity is needful to increase palatinates quantity in the blood of patient of hemorrhagic dengue. Remember that patient should not take medicine to cure pain in hemorrhagic because this type of medicine can be caused of bleeding. During this condition, it is also necessary to control the quantity of water and blood pressure.