Mostly, this disease spreads because of the biting of dengue mosquito.Introduction:

Mostly, this disease spreads because of the biting of dengue mosquito. Dengue mosquitoes take birth in dirty water and dirty areas. The patient feels great weakness when he gets rid of dengue.


The patient of dengue suffers from intense pain in the body and fever occurs with slight chill. Headache starts soon. Sometimes, he suffers from vomiting, trembling in the body and hot body. Temperature rises even to 102 or 106 degree. Other symptoms are as swelling all over the body, appearance of watery pimples on the body, flushed face, anorexia, obstinate constipation and sometimes symptoms of jaundice. Duration of the illness is 3-4 weeks. The symptoms of this disease disappear when the patient recovers. Sometimes, the patient suffers from excessive laziness and blood comes from mucus membranes.  


Biting of dengue mosquito is the main cause of this disease.

Treatment with different medicines:

1. Baptisia: Baptisia 3 x should be taken for the treatment of this disease.

2. Gels: Gels 3 x to Mother Tincture should be used for the treatment of dengue.

3  Eupat Perf: Eupat Perf 1x should be taken if the patient of dengue has been suffering from the pain in the bones.

4. Carbo Veg: If the patient suffers from such symptoms as excessive laziness, excessive hot forehead but the whole body is cold, he should take Carbo Veg 3.

5. Cimicifuga: Cimicifuga 3 x should be used if the patient suffers from pain in the bones.

6. Arse: The medicine Arse 3x should be taken if the use of Cimicifuga does not provide relief.

7. Acid Phos: The patient should take Acid Phos 3 if he feels excessive laziness.

8. Belladonna: If the symptoms are as appearance of red colored pimples on the body and headache because of which the patient feels a lot of trouble, he should take Belladonna 6 for the treatment.

9. AconiteIf the patient suffers from high fever in the preliminary stage of this disease and the temperature reaches to 104-105 degree, he should take Belladonna 1x to get relief.

10. Bryonia: If the patient of dengue suffers from such symptoms as perspiration, headache which mostly affects to the backside, constipation and pain all over the body, the use of Bryonia 3-6 provides a lot of relief.

11. Lachesis: If blood comes from the mucus membranes along with this disease, the patient should take Lachesis 6 to get relief.

12. Crotolus: If blood comes with the mucus membranes, the patient should take Crotolus 3 to get rid of this problem.

13. Gelsimium: If the temperature is low, Gelsimium 1x should be taken to get relief by the patient of dengue.

14. Rhus Tox: If the patient suffers from such symptoms as sensation of excessive chillness, fever along with boils and pimples, convulsion in the hands and feet and rheumatism, he should take Rhus Tox 3 to get relief.

15. Arsenic: the patient suffers from diarrhea along with dengue, he should take Arsenic 6. The disease disappears after taking this medicine.