Pregnancy articles:

Travail (fear of delivery)-

          It has often seen that women take labour pain as serious. Labour pain arises only once in 5 minute and only for a minute. In this way, this type of pain occurs only for 12 minutes in one hour. In the first phase of delivery, labour pain occurs at an interval of every 15-15 minutes that is only for 30 seconds. In other words, labour pain persists only for 2 minutes in one hour. In this way, we can say that women have to face such pain for little while for becoming mothers. It is also true that in the second phase that is for 2 hours, labour pain persists only for 24 minutes.  

         When we observe first and second delivery of a woman, it is found that she feels less labour pain in second time comparison to first ones. Labour pain is neither the same nor can be in any two women. Even two deliveries may be different to each other in the same woman. Delivery remains painful until the fear of labour pain persists in her mind. It also makes delivery process long resulting bleeding takes place in additional volume and muscles get serious hurt. It may also harm new born baby. It is very important for women to be prepared mentally for delivery, having complete knowledge of delivery as well as having practice of taking long breath and efforting.     

Role (function) of woman’s brain-

  • Each labour pain is helpful in giving birth to young ones. It is possible only when woman would leave her uterine muscles as loose. By holding uterine muscles at the time of delivery, obstruction occurs in birth.   
  • Veins start from uterus that reaches to brain. Pulsation of pain in uterus is transmitted to the brain through veins. In this condition, the uterine muscles are also not able to do their work properly. This is the reason why severe pain and profuse bleeding take place at the time of birth. In other hand, if a woman has knowledge about labour pain earlier, she tries to pull out (give birth) baby at each pain. As a result of it, birth is taken place soon and easily.
  • Due to fear of labour pain, sympathetic veins of body also start working, resulting uterus remain contracted for long time. As a result of it, oxygen level may be decreased in woman’s body. Lack of oxygen in the body affects baby badly. As a result of it, operation is needed for birth.    
  • There are mainly 3 things that tell woman is fully ready for giving birth-   

Coming out sticky substance from vagina-

          At the closing time of delivery, a concentrated sticky yellow or light brown substance starts coming out from va+-


gina. This substance stops entering outer bacteria due be being antibacterial. As well birth time is coming closer as birth related organs start changing. Before two weeks of delivery, special change comes in vagina. It starts becoming smooth, soft and thin, but it will not correct to say on the basis of it that when will delivery take place?

Contraction of uterus-

  • Frequent and continual contraction of the uterus shows that woman is fully ready for giving birth to young one. In the beginning, this type of contraction takes place for little while and as minor, but it goes on increasing progressively. In the beginning, woman seems that it is due to gas forming in her stomach or due to extra eating. This type of pain is like that of menstrual pain. In few women, frequent loose motions start while few start thinking that her stomach has been upset due to over eating. As a result of it, few of them, loose her lower clothes. She thinks that this pain is taking place due to tight clothes. 
  • But, woman understands it soon, because it comes at an interval of 30-35 minutes in the beginning, but soon it starts taking place at an interval of 15-15 minutes. Sometimes, pain (contraction) is stopped and does not take place for next 1-2 days. After 2 days, contraction is started again. Pain takes place haltingly that is called real contraction. It is also stopped for few minutes at new place or environment, but soon it is started again. In the case of second pregnancy, contraction may also come soon and frequently (again and again).  

Flowing amniotic fluid-

  • Inside the womb, foetus grows in balloon like structure having water. This bag or balloon like structure is called amniotic sack. Amniotic fluid is present in this amniotic sack. Due to contraction of uterus, this amniotic sack is burst and amniotic fluid is come out. Along with this amniotic fluid, yellowish brown sticky substance is also flown out that prevents outer bacteria to enter inside. In this condition, it should also be kept in the mind that if birth is not completed within 24 hours, there is a chance of occurring any disease in new born baby.
  •  Therefore, you should need to wait for 4-5 hours so that contraction would start by itself. If contraction does not start due to any reason, such a medicine can be given along with glucose to pregnant so that contraction would start again. The medicine used for this purpose is called oxytosin.
  • Sometimes, this fluid comes out in little volume and later it is stopped to come out. In this condition, by giving oxytosin along with glucose, pain is increased (start). By the use of sanitary pad, there are 3 types of benefits woman get. Outer bacteria can be stopped to enter inside with the help of it as well as we also get knowledge that how much the pad has become wet and what is the color of amniotic fluid. Contraction is started just after bursting the amniotic sack.  
  • If amniotic fluid is not in clear appearance or having little volume of blood or it is yellow in appearance or having foetid smell in it, it is the time to inform your doctor without wasting time (immediately).

Emergency situation-

  • If the amniotic fluid is brown or green in appearance, it indicates that baby has excreted in uterus that is coming along with amniotic fluid. In fact, baby excretes only after born. Excretion by baby inside the uterus may be harmful for it. As a result of it, delivery is done immediately through operation. But, if you would have not to face this type of situation, you may wait for natural birth. In this case, delivery can be done properly and without operation.
  • If dark red colored blood is coming out from vagina, a doctor should be informed immediately. It is due to coming ovule on the opening of uterus. In this situation, delivery can be done in a normal way and operation may be needed for it. This situation can be identified earlier with the help of ultrasound.
  • Sometimes, such a condition is also come in which one part of ovule is left by uterus resulting the foetus is not able to get sufficient amount of oxygen inside the uterus. As a result of it, heartbeats of baby are increased. In this case, operation may be done immediately for delivery.  
  • Normally, baby’s heart beats 120 to 160 times in a minute, but sometimes this heartbeat is increased or decreased. In both the cases i.e. leaving or coming lower the ovule, it should be diagnosed through ultrasound just in the beginning that gives information that the ovule is at lower or at the opening of uterus. In this condition, both doctor and pregnant know that delivery will be done through operation.  

Condition of female body during pregnancy-

  • Mostly, woman is asked to lie down in case of contraction, but lying, walking or sitting depend on the condition of mother and baby.  
  • By standing or walking of mother, baby comes lower by itself. It is help in delivery. This benefit is not possible by lying down of mother.
  • By lying down of mother, main blood vessels start suppressing due to the pressure of baby’s head and back, resulting the baby gets less amount of blood. Due to getting less amount of blood, baby’s heartbeats are increased that may become responsible for operation.
  • In case of lying down at the time of delivery, the vaginal opening is become up, resulting birth becomes delay.
  •   If woman is stand at the time of birth, coccigeal bones of spine are moved backward by the pressure of baby’s head, resulting baby get extra space for coming out. 
  • By walking at the time of delivery, birth takes place easily with less pain. 
  • After birth, a healthy child cries loudly resulting abundant amount of oxygen enters in its body that is very beneficial for the baby.
  • By standing and walking, birth takes place soon due to contraction for long time.

Precautions at the time of delivery-

  • Inside the uterus, baby’s head takes position on the hips’ bone on mother after 36 weeks, but sometimes baby is not able of move downward to this bone. This condition is known as floating head. In this case, it may possible that baby’s navel would come out due to bursting of amniotic sack. It is called cord prolaps. In this condition, pressure of navel occurring by standing mother may harm the baby. In this case, lying down immediately is beneficial otherwise the baby may die too due to getting insufficient amount of blood inside the womb.  
  • Walking of mother before delivery is very beneficial. Mother should need to walk with small steps. When labour pain start, she should need to stop walking and press the lower abdomen with the help of her hands.
  • At the time of delivery, woman can stand with the support of wall. When pain starts, she should need to make her hands as straight. When pain would be ended, hands should be bended at elbows. As well as, she should need to move her hands in a circular way on her stomach.  
  • At the time of labour pain, she should stand with the support of wall in such a way that both her hands would remain on the wall. After that, she should need of bend her both elbows inward and then bend both her wrists as well as head and head should be fixed on them. 
  • Woman should need to sit on small chair or stool by bending her knees. She should need to sit by making wide her legs and by leaving lower parts of her body as loose. It gives space to hips bones and woman gets much benefit by it.
  • After walking much, when she feels tiredness, she should need to sit on a chair without hands as opposite way. She should make her face towards the back of the chair and legs should have towards both sides. Keep both the hands backwards of the chair and bend the hand as well as fix the head on both the wrists. It is very beneficial for delivery. 
  • After walking, when she needs rest, she should need to sit on bed or sofa by bending her knees in such a way that her legs would be towards back. She may keep any soft pillow or pad under her bent knees. When she feels pain, she should raise up on her knees. She should need to take support of any thing while standing. She can sit again after ameliorating pain.
  • In the womb, normally baby’s face is toward mother’s back, but sometimes baby’s face is located towards mother’s stomach. In this case, the mother feels much pain due extra pressure falling by baby’s head on mother’s waist and lower hips. In this condition, the mother should need to give pressure by fixing her hips and waist to any wall. As well as, she should need to bend her shoulders frontward and fix her palms on knees. It ameliorates pain soon.  
  • When woman is in hospital and she is getting glucose with pain killer, such things should be kept on a table closer to her. When she feels much pain, she should need to fix her head on pillow arranging on the table. She should need to take one of her hand on the pillow having no arrangement of glucose. Pressure should not be applied on the hand in which the needle of glucose is setting. She should allow to sit in such a way that both her legs would be open and separate to each other so that she would not feel any type of difficulty in breathing. After ending pain, the back should be fix on the pillow and should need to loose her body after taking long breath as well as should need to close her eyes. It is very beneficial for her.
  • At the time of labour pain, sometimes she can stand after coming from delivery table or bed as well as can bend her head by putting her hands on partner’s shoulders. It gets rids of pain.     
  • Woman should need to keep her lower body parts always loose and should not allow any type of stress in her muscles so that birth would be done easily and soon. She should need to take long breath at the time of birth and should need to hold her breath for little while. It makes delivery easy.   
  • At the time labour pain, women often waste her energy for holding anything tightly, but in fact when anyone support her at the time pain, she feels good and gets ability to bear pain. In this way, she keeps her physical strength as maintain.   
  • Anything should not have in her hand while delivery. Bend her hands from elbows and another woman should need to keep holding her palms and wrists. As a result of it, her pain tolerating ability is increased.
  • Feet and legs should also be massaged at intervals. First of all, massage should be started from ankles to knees. Massage should also be done on thigh when she feels pain there.   
  • Before birth, woman feels much pain in her waist. In this condition, pillow should be placed under her head and both her legs as well as his waist should be massaged. During massaging, her waist should be pressed down. By pressing the waist, she gets relief in waist’s pain.