Sometimes, women feel excessive problems while delivery. For removing these problems, different types of medicine can be used.

Treatment by different medicines:

1. Camel thistle: Coating ground camel thistle on the head and palate of the pregnant woman is useful to make delivery normal. This medicine should be removed just after delivery because it may be the cause of harm. This medicine brings out womb too.

2. Prickly chalf flower: Root up prickle chalf flower equal of three fingers and tie it on the woman waist from one side. Now tie a thread (medicine should be tied in middle of thread) with it and put medicine in the vagina. Tie one edge of above thread on the abdomen and second edge on the waist. Using this process brings out baby from the womb. This medicine should be separate from the vagina after delivery.   

3. Carrot seed: Burn carrot seeds and pigeon vishta in fire and give its smoke in the vagina. It helps in delivery. Giving smoke of snack slough brings out death embryo too.

4. Lambs quarters: Boil 20 grams seeds of lambs quarter with 500 ml water until half water remains then filter it. After that, give this decoction to woman, it makes delivery normal. Boil one ground colocynth with 50 ml water and squeeze one lemon in it after cooking. Immerse cotton piece in this preparation and put it in the vagina. It will bring out death embryo. If fresh colocynth is present, it should not be boiled. Warm juice of colocynth should be taken.   

5. Bustard teak: Take 1/4 spoon ground seeds of bustard teak with asafoetida in the beginning of menstrual excretion and for 4 days, it ends the possibility of pregnancy. 

6. Soap-nut: If any woman has been suffering from heaviness of the forehead, darkness front of the eyes and teeth become stick while pregnancy or after delivery, it should be considered that she suffers from anantvat and nandavayu rog. Collyrium of soap-nut fen should be applied in the eyes as well as ghee or butter should be applied in the eyes for 2-3 days.