Delightful grecian formulae



Lack of sexual power is called senility (jofbah). A person feels sexual urge in his mind but there is no excitement in his penis. When he tries to make sexual relation with a woman after getting erection in his penis, he ejaculates before inserting the penis into the vagina. Victim of this disease fears to go near a woman to make sexual intercourse. Body of the victim starts to shudder by hearing the name of coition. His body starts to perspire and heart pulsations become high. The victim of this disease gets rid of this problem by using Grecian formulae. 


1.    Milk of cow:-

Boil two tablets of Habbe Amber Momiyai in 250 ml milk of cow. Drink this milk after cooling. Thereafter take 40 grams Maveej. Take this medicine twice a day. Senility (jofabah) caused by any reason disappears by taking this medicine.

2.    Acacia Arabica:-

Pestle 10 grams gum of acacia arabica, 30 grams real momiyai and 40 grams sugar candy. Grind this mixture with the juice of rose. Prepare tablets equal to pea corns after drying. Take one tablet regularly with Moul asl or Moullaham. The victim gets rid of this disease by taking this medicine.  

3.    Seeds of carrot:-

Grind separately by taking 3 grams seeds of carrot, 6 grams Biswasa, 6 grams Udgarki, 3 grams clove, 2 grams alum and one-kilogram caraway into fine powder. Mix this powder in 500 grams honey properly. Take one spoon this preparation twice a day regularly. Its regular use gets rid of this disease soon.

4.    Jambul and acacia Arabica:-

Pestle dry bark of jambul and acacia arabica, kundar, seeds of Indian hemp, Persian Gulnar and juft balut each 6 grams properly. Thereafter, mix 9 grams isbgol in it. Mix this preparation properly and make five dosages. Take one dosage daily followed by goat milk. Take this medicine for several months regularly. The disease senility (jofabah) caused by nightfall disappears by the use of this medicine.

5.    Henbane seed:-

Grind henbane seeds, seeds of cucumber, prickly lettuce, seeds of chicory, dry coriander each 6 grams and 3 grams flower of Neelofer into fine powder. Make six doses of this preparation. Mix 7 grams isbgol and one dose of this preparation and cuscus in one glass syrup properly. Drink it. This treatment cures the disease named senility (jofabah).

6.    Majunkala:-

Mix 7 grams majunkala and two corns of joharbin properly. Take it. Thereafter, mix 60 grams cardamom and syrup of apple in 60 ml juice of betel leaf and take. All kinds of diseases relating to sexual weakness disappear.