Delayed Separation of Placenta



          Mostly weak women become the victim of this disease. In this disease, placenta gets late to separate after the birth of a child. If such kind of situation appears in any woman, placenta should not be pulled out forcibly but we should take the advice through any specialist of naturopathy.

Treatment by nature therapy in delayed separation of placenta:

  • At the time of separation of placenta after delivery, the woman suffers from a kind of pain. Hence, if the woman does not feel such kind of pain, treatment for the separation of placenta becomes very essential so that placenta may separate soon along with pain.
  • If placenta has been not separated, a bandage of wet soil should be kept on the stomach of the woman first of all. The woman feels pain by doing so and placenta separates from the uterus.
  • Make the victim woman lie down on the earth or any bed on the back and after that massage her sacrum (the triangular bone above the coccyx) with cold water properly. Placenta separates from the uterus if it is done. If Mehansnana is adopted along with massage of sacrum, the woman gets a lot of relief.