She does not feel happiness. She starts feeling lack of mental and physical enthusiasm and that’s why this disease is known as dejection of woman.


Due to this disease, the happiness of woman is lost and she appears as unhappy. She does not like to do any work or talk with anyone; she starts feeling nervousness with other symptoms like- lack of appetite, vertigo, restless, weakness in the body. Due to this disease, various types of mental disease are occurred in them.

Indifference in women occurs due to mental reasons. Due to this disease, she starts feeling incompleteness in her life that causes sadness in them and her energy is decreased. Due to this disease, Cause-

The following reasons can be responsible for indifference/dejection in women-

  • The adrenal glands start malfunctioning due to mental reasons of women that causes indifference/dejection in women.
  • This disease is also occurred due to lack of vegetables and excessiveness of carbohydrates in her diet.
  • It can occur due to pain in the heart and lungs of women.
  • Due to any type of diseases or disorders related to her menstruations, indifference can occur in women.
  • It can also occur due to any type of troubles related to sex.
  • This disease is occurred in women also due to taking various types of medicines.
  • Due to over weakness, this disease can occur in women.
  • Diabetes or weakness in liver can be also responsible for this disease.
  • Lack of calcium in women’s body is also one of the important reasons of this disease.

Treatment of this disease by acupressure treatment system-

This disease can be treated by giving pressure on the acupoints as shown in figure. She must take his treatment under the guidance of an expert acupressure doctor, because he has proper experiences to give pressure and he can able to treat this disease well.