Deep Bath



          In this bath, water stream is poured on the patient’s body from a height. A different type of machine is available in the market for this bath, which is used for deep bath. But, if this machine is found in market, apply a pipe of rubber in a simple tin box or house tap and bathe activity can be done. This bath also can be taken by filling water in the hands or lota.

        Normally, about half inch thick pipe is applied on the height about 3-4 feet and thereafter water stream of half inch wide is quitted from this pipe. But fountain can be used in place of thick stream of water. The effect and quality of this bath depend on the pressure of thick and thin stream. Keep one thing in the brain that only cold water should be used in this bath activity. If the patient is weak, pipe should be used from some height to pour water for this bathe and this activity should be done for sometimes.

Technique of this bath-

        For this bath, put a tap or nozzle or tin box on the 3-4 fit height then body first. Thereafter, sit in a small table with ease and make the affected part (which is about to use for this bathe) warm by rubbing properly. Now pour water stream on the affected part. In this activity, water stream should be poured on the one part for about 2-4 minutes. Just after this bath activity, wash that part and do the massage activity after mopping. The help of other person also can be taken for this bath.


        This bath is much beneficial in chronic diseases and any types of infectious disorders.