Death of the baby in womb



         Sometimes, child dies in the womb of pregnant women because of mental and physical reasons. A child dies in the womb because of any kind of injury in the stomach of the pregnant woman. 

Identification of the dead child in the stomach (womb):

         A child does not show any symptoms of movement in the stomach if the child is dead. The woman does not feel labour pain if the child is dead. Body complexion of the body becomes green and blue along with stomach swelling in this stage. Foul smell like corpse comes from the breaths of woman.

Treatment by natural way if the child dies in the womb of woman:

  • Make the woman lie on the cot and stop her movements after knowing about the death of child in the womb of woman.
  • Apply mud pack on the stomach of the woman. Or a cloth bandage drenched in cold water should keep on the stomach.
  • Cold water should be given to the woman while applying bandages on her stomach.
  • Burn the exuviae of snake and mix its ash in pure honey to make collyrium. Apply this collyrium in the eyes of the woman. If the child is alive, it comes out from the mouth of the vagina of woman.