Day blindness



The patient suffering from this disease is not able to appear things in day time and also in flashing light.

Use of different drugs to cure day blindness:-

1. Borthrops:- If the patient is not able to see things, he should use Borthrops 6 or 30 to cure this disease. Borthrops is a type of snake poison like Lachesis and is an important remedy of this disease.

2. Silicea:- Using Silicea 30 is beneficial in day blindness.

3. Phosphorus:- To cure day blindness, Phosphorus 6 should be used.

4. Silica:- Silica 30 should be used to cure this disease.

5. Sulphuric-acid:- Taking Sulphuric-acid 6 is very useful to cure day blindness.

6. Belladonna:- To cure day blindness, using Belladonna 30 is very effective.

7. Stramo:- Stramo 6 should be used to cure day blindness.