Darkness of the face



Sometimes, blackness comes on the face which is called darkness of the face. In it, black or brown colored spots appear on the skin of the face.

Treatment by different medicines:

1. Nutmeg: Grind nutmeg with water or fresh milk. Apply this paste on the face. Its use ends the dark freckles of the face or darkness of the face.

2. Lentil: Grind lentil pulse into the fine powder and apply on the face mixing with milk. The darkness of the face disappears by its use.

3. Potato: If there are dark freckles on the face due to cold and dry wind in winter season, grind potato and apply on hands. Lemon juice is also beneficial for its treatment. Drinking raw potato juice is beneficial for the treatment of ringworm, pimples, gas and diseases of nerves and muscles.

4. Mudar: Shuffle 3 grams turmeric powder in 5-7 drops of mudar milk or rosewater. Apply this paste on the dark freckles affected face but do not apply around the eyes. Persons, whose nature is soft and tender, should use juice of mudar in place of its milk.

5. Fenugreek:

  • Immerse fenugreek seeds in milk. The amount of the both should be equal. Rub this preparation on the face to end the dryness of the face. Its use softens the skin. The face becomes beautiful by applying this ground leaves of fenugreek on the face.
  • Grind fenugreek leaves and apply on the face before one hour of taking bath. Its use ends dark freckles and dryness. This paste is very beneficial for the treatment of skin diseases and pimples due to heat. Grind green leaves of fenugreek and apply on the face at night before sleeping. Wash the face in the morning. Its use ends acnes, darkness, dryness and dark freckles of the face. This paste also fairs the skin.

6. Pudding pipe tree: Grind the soft leaves of pudding pipe tree and apply on the face. Its use beautifies the face.

7. Hogweed: Prepare a decoction by boiling root of hogweed and mix the powder of winter cherry in it. Prepare small tablets of this paste. Take 1-1 tablet twice a day. The milk should be drunk necessarily after mixing sugar candy. Its use fulfills the deficiency of sperm and removes the dark freckles. Or take powder of hogweed (root, stem, fruit, flower and leaves) with milk and sugar.

8. Mint: Mix muscovite in mint leaves juice properly. Apply this paste on the face. Its use ends the dark freckles of the face and enhances the glow of the face.