Daphne indica



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This medicine acts on the lower tissues, muscles, bones and the skin. It is useful in syphilis poison. Shocks like sparking are felt in the body due to lack of it.

The patient has fast desire for smoking. He feels burning sensation inside the stomach as if all the parts of the body have burnt. He has problem of offensive smell in his breath, urine and sweat. This (Daphne Indica) medicine is helpful in theses symptoms.

Use of this medicine according to symptoms of the body parts:

Symptoms of the Head: If the patient feels pain in the head as if his head will burst or it is separating from the body. In theses symptoms, this medicine is helpful.

Symptoms of the Urine: If urine is thick and yellow and its smell is like spoiled egg, so this medicine should be used for the treatment.

Symptoms of the external parts of the body: If the patient feels pain and swelling in the big toe of the right foot and feeling as if this pain is growing towards stomach and heart, pain is felt in the knee beside thigh, cold is felt in the hip, and pain is like shooting, this pain aggravates by cold, etc., this medicine should be used in these symptoms.

Symptoms of sleep: If the patient doesn’t feel sleepy due to bones pain, he dreams horrible dream, he feels cold after getting up suddenly and his body skin is got stickiness. This medicine should be used in these symptoms.

Anti-miasmatic medicines:

 Bryonia and Rhus-toxicodendron are used for removing bad effects of Daphne Indica.

Comparison: Flouric-acid, Arum, Mezerium, Staphysagira 

Dose:  1 to 6 potency of this drug should be used to cure symptoms of diseases.