Asthma disease takes birth due to gathering excessive phlegm in the body. Mostly, this disease occurs young age and senility. This is a breathing problem, which occurred in the chest and pharynx. The phlegm gathered in the chest or pharynx of the patient in this disease. The patient suffers from hoarseness. He suffers from constant cough and he coughs for bring out the phlegm stuck in the chest and throat. The patient feels mystification because of cough and he becomes weak and helpless.  

Treatment of disease by water therapy-

  • In asthma, the patient should try to bring out the phlegm from the chest and throat by loosening it and he should try to keep normal strength of the body.
  • To cure asthma disease, the patient should cleanse his stomach first and he should take cold enema of large intestine for it before sleeping. The patient should drink water in excessive quantity regularly and he should use bandage made of oilskin for covering wax. Take steam through mouth and exhale it through nose. Use warm bandage on the chest.
  • In asthma, different parts of the body as head, heart, eyes, reproductive organs, liver, kidneys and lungs gets free from diseases by taking fan bath (Pankha Snan). Such body parts become strong by taking this bath. It is also useful in the cases of headache, waist pain due to vatta, asthma and paralysis.
  • In fan bath, open the tap of water and give water steam on the affected parts by applying stream of water. This activity is called ‘fan bath’.
  • If there is too much phlegm in this disease, the liver should be cleansed twice or thrice a day in this disease. The phlegm comes out easily by loosening. Some cold water should be drunk after cleansing the stomach.

Meal in asthma-

        Fruits should be taken in excessive quantity and he should not eat excessive cold or warm foodstuffs in this disease. He should not live in too much cold or sun heat. Physical exercise is very beneficial for the patient.