Curry Patta



Curry patta grows itself. These trees also grow in gardens. Their trees are found in Kerala, Tamilnadu, Bengal, Bihar and Kumayun to Sikkim in Himalaya. 

Taste: Its leaves are bitter and pungent.

Structure: Its tree has thin thorns. Its flower is small, white and like Kalangi. Its leaves are one and half inches long and fragrance. Curry patta’s leaf is used for fragrance in curry.

Nature: It is cool in nature.

Qualities: It is a delicious food, which is used to season in vegetable, to make sauce powder and sauce too. It is very nutritive and also best source of calcium, phosphorus, iron, protein, vitamin A, B-1, B-2 niacin and vitamin C. It is very useful for disorders relating to digestion system. It also helps to reduce diabetes. It ends burning sensation, delivery pain, swelling, ghost problems, and poison, kills worms, and cures leprosy and piles.

Useful for Different Diseases:

1.Vomiting: Drinking decoction of leaves of curry patta prevents vomiting.

2.Bloody Diarrhea and Bloody Piles: Grind its leaves then filter and drink. It cures bloody diarrhea and bloody piles.

3.Sprue: Chewing its leaves is useful to get relief in sprue.

4.Retention of urine: Mix 20 grams powder of curry patta’s root or 40 ml juice of its leaves with one gram seeds of cardamom. After that, take this mixture, it brings urine easily.

5.Insect’s poison: Grind leaves of curry patta and prepare the paste or make a packet (Wafer) and tie it on the bitten part, it decreases swelling and pain.