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[ C ] Related Medicines:

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Carter Track Plant

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Capparis Horrida-2

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Crotlarea Burhia

Convolvulus Pluricaulis



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Curd contains rich amount of proteins than others. The process of making curd is done by Vitamin-B, and Thiamine, Ribofleween and Nicotemied become change into double quantity in it. Curd digests easily than milk.Introduction:

Curd contains rich amount of proteins than others. The process of making curd is done by Vitamin-B, and Thiamine, Ribofleween and Nicotemied become change into double quantity in it. Curd digests easily than milk.

There are five types of Curd:

1. Mand, 2. Swadu, 3. Swadvamal, 4. Amal and 5. Atyamal.

1. Mand Curd: Mand curd, which appear like juice and mixed small pieces of curd.  It should not be curd. The symptoms of vatt-pitta-kapha disorder, burning sensation and retention of urine and stool are caused by taking it.

2. Swadu Curd: The curd, which is congealed properly and sweet, it is called swadu curd. It is normalizes pulse pulsation and purifies the blood and removes blood disorder.

3. Swadvamal Curd: The curd, which is congealed and sweet, and pungent. It is called Swadvamal curd. It contains the same qualities as normal curd qualities.

4. Amal Curd: The curd, which is not sweet, but it is excessive sour in taste. It is called Amal curd. It increases digestive power and causes the blood and bile disorder. It also increases Phlegm.

5. Atyamal Curd: The tooth taste becomes change into sour and the hair of the body stand and brining sensation start by taking curd that is called atyamal curd. It increases digestive power and causes blood disorder and bile disorder. It also increases Phlegm.

Color: It is white.

Taste: It is sour and sweet in taste.

Structure: Boil milk and after that make it cool. Thereafter, Mix a little quantity of sour substances (which can congeal it) in it to make curd. There are many kinds of curd as- Sweet, Sour and excessive sour curd.

Nature: Curd keeps the body cool.

Precaution: Sour curd causes bile and phlegm. Taking excessive quantity of sour curd makes teeth sour. It is very excitable because of which the hair of the body stand and it causes burning sensation in the stomach.

Abstinence: Curd should be not taken by the patient of asthma, cough, phlegm, swelling, blood bile, fever and others diseases. One should not take curd at night. Mixing sugar or honey in curd increases its qualities.

Removing bad effects of it: Mixing salt, cumin seed and black pepper in cured removes bad effects of it.

Qualities: Curd is very useful for hot natured people. It quenches thirst. Rubbing with curd cream on the head is useful to get relief like pumpkin seeds. Apply curd on the face; it removes pimples, dryness and blackness.

Useful in Different Diseases:

1. Indigestion: Taking curd mixed with ground cumin seed (Jeera), salt and black pepper regularly is useful to end indigestion. It digests food early.

2. Migraine: The headache, which increases and decreases with sunlight is called migraine. In this condition, taking curd with rice is useful to cure migraine. One should take curd with rice before sun-rising regularly.

3. Piles: If someone is suffering from bloody piles, he should take only curd. Don’t take other things. It cures bloody piles.

4. The food of children: The curd is the best food for children besides mother’s milk. Children who can’t get mother’s milk, only curd can be given to it.

5. Heart diseases:

  • Taking curd is useful to make blood pressure normal and cure kidney diseases.
  • Curd is very useful for the heart. It destroys cholesterol named a dangerous element, which is found in blood. Cholesterol stops to blood and blood circulation. It causes ‘Otter Onus Sclerosis’ named heart disease. The people who take oily food; they become its victim. So, the use of curd is very beneficial.  

6. The cause of hair falling: If someone feels more pressure on the brain, he becomes the victim of hair falling. Women hair falls caused by lack of Estrogen Harmon. The hair falls untimely caused by lack of iron, Vitamin ‘B’ and iodine in meal. Wash the hair with curd, it stops hair falling. Curd contains those elements which are very necessary for long and strong hair. One should apply curd on the hair roots and wash with water after twenty minutes. It provides relief in baldness.

7. Dandruff: Apply curd mixed with salt on the hair to destroy dandruff.

8. Ulcers, Swelling and burning sensation: If one is suffering from pain, swelling and burning sensation caused by ulcer, pour curd in a piece of cloth to make a packet and squeeze this packet to get curd water. After that, apply this water on the affected parts and tie bandage on the same part. The bandage should be changed one to three times in a day. It provides benefit.

9. Sleeplessness (Insomnia): Taking curd with ground black pepper, aniseed and sugar is useful to get deep sleep.

10. Intoxication of Indian hemp (Bhang): Taking fresh curd is very useful to removes intoxication.

11. Whooping-cough: Mix two spoons curd, one spoon sugar and ¼ gram black pepper with honey. This medicine should be given to the suffered child to cure whooping-cough.

12. Loss of hair: Apply sour curd in the root of hair and massage for a short time and after that wash hair with cold water. It checks the loss of hair.

13. For black hair:

  • Mix half cup curd, ten ground black peppers and one lemon together. Apply prepared mixture on hair for twenty minutes and after that wash hair with fresh water.  It makes the hair black and smooth.
  • 100 grams curd mixed with one gram ground black pepper should be applied on the hair and wash hair with lukewarm water one time in a week. It checks loss of hair and makes the hair black and charming.

14. Baldness: One should rub curd on the copper until it turns green. After that, apply it on the head.

15. Flatulence: Taking sour curd water is useful to get relief in flatulence.

16. Night blindness: Grind black pepper with curd water and apply its collyrium in the eyes. It provides relief in night blindness.

17. Tongue burning sensation and Swelling:

  • One should gargle with curd mixed with water regularly to end tongue burning sensation.
  • Taking ripe banana with curd before sun-rising cures tongue pimples.

18. Constipation: Taking sour water of curd is useful to eliminate constipation.

19. Hair dandruff: Rubbing with water of cow milk’s curd on the hair root regularly is beneficial to decrease hair dandruff.

20. Cancer: Taking curd regularly is effective remedy to cure cancer.

21. Mouth blisters: Rubbing with curd on the mouth blisters every morning is useful to get relief in mouth blisters.

22. Loose-motion:

  • Taking 100 grams curd with half banana is useful to prevent loose-motions.
  • Taking cow or nanny goat curd with ripe beel pulp prevents chronic loose-motion.
  • Taking curd with hygrophila spinosa (Talmakhana) is useful to get relief in loose-motion.
  • Taking water of sour curd provides relief in loose-motion caused by undigested mother milk.

23. Body offensive smell: Apply curd mixed with gram-flour on the body; it ends the foul smell body.

24. Bloody diarrhea: Taking curd with maiden hair (Hanspadi) is useful to prevent bloody diarrhea.

25. Amoebic dysentery: Taking curd with beel fruit pulp is useful to get relief in chronic amoebic dysentery.

26. Dyspepsia: One should take curd mixed with ground cumin seed, salt and black pepper to end indigestion and dyspepsia.

27. Leucorrhoea: Take curd with maiden hair (Hanspadi), it cures leucorrhoea.

28. Over Thirst: Taking curd with jaggery is useful to quench over thirst caused by flatulence. It also decreases thirst occurs after meal.

29. Fatness: Curd is effective remedy to decrease fatness.

30. Catarrh: Taking sour curd mixed with jaggery and black pepper powder is useful to cure both chronic and new types of catarrh.

31. Insomnia: Taking curd mixed with aniseed, sugar and ground black pepper provides deep sleep.

32. Stomach worms: Take curd with pure honey twice a day regularly 3-4 days, it kills stomach worms.

33. Nose-bleeding:

  • Taking curd mixed with sugar and ice (lassi) is useful to prevent nose-bleeding.
  • Taking curd and sugar-candy mixed with red alum powder prevents nose-bleeding.
  • Taking 125 grams curd mixed with 250 ml water and one gram alum is beneficial to prevent nose-bleeding.
  • Curd should be taken with powder of four black peppers to prevent nose-bleeding.

34. Black spots of the face:

  • If one’s skin is dry, black, fleck-full, mark-full and with pimples, he should rub with curd on the whole body. After that, he should take bath after five minutes applying above mixture. It provides benefit.
  • Apply curd mixed with gram-flour on the face. Wash face with fresh water after drying it. It makes face clean and charming. Applying curd removes bad effects of sunlight. Using curd and orange juice makes face clean and works as clinging milk. Applying curd makes the skin soft and clean. Using curd mixed with rice-flour removes pimples.

35. Itching: Applying curd on the affected parts is useful to end scabies and itching.

36. High blood pressure: Taking curd mixed with glucose regularly for some days makes blood pressure normal. Avoid other things during this treatment. If one is suffering from twisting and laziness, should take curd. One can take tea mixed with glucose to get relief.

37. Burning sensation in Hands and feet: Rub with water of sour curd; it ends burning sensation of hands and feet.

38. Hysteria: Taking curd and whey is useful remedy to cure hysteria.

39. Guinea Worms: Grind fennel (Kalounji) in curd and apply it on the wounds, it provides relief.

40. Ringworm: Grind Indian plum leaves in curd and apply it on the affected parts, it cures ringworms.

41. For lips redness: Curd butter mixed with saffron should be applied on the lips to make them red and soft.

42. Fire burnt: Grind soft leaves of banyan and mix it in curd and apply it on the affected parts, it provides relief.  

43. Displacing navel: One should take 500 grams curd with one spoon of turmeric powder regularly. The navel is not displaced by applying this mixture on the navel thereafter, take meal.