Cudappa Almond




          The trees of cudappa almond are huge. Mostly, its trees are found in Maharastra, Nagpur and Malabar. Its leaves are long and thick like bassia latifolia leaves. The leaves of this tree are used to make plates (pattal). Its shadow is very cold and fruits are small. Its fruit seeds are like pigeon pea seeds. It is called Cudappa almond. It is a dried fruit. It is used in different types of puddings and sweets. Its taste is sweet. Oil is also extracted from its seeds. Its oil is cool in nature and useful like almond oil.

Cudappa almond tree: Its tree is sweet and sour in taste, heavy, digestible, purgative, interesting, smooth, cool in nature and the source of strength. It increases sperm count, phlegm and body strength. It normalizes vatta and pitta and is useful to end burning sensation, fever, blood disorders and cure tuberculosis. It quenches thirst too.

Cudappa almond fruit: Its fruit is vapid, which increases phlegm and ends blood disorders caused by bile.

Cudappa almond kernel: Its seed is sweet, which is useful to end inflammation and bile disorders.

Cudappa almond oil: Its oil is sweet and hot in nature. It normalizes vatta, pitta and kapha.

Name in different diseases:

Hindi                     :           Chiraunji

Sanskrit               :           Chaar, Rajadan

Gujarati                :           Charoli

Kannada             :           Morapya, Morve, Morti or Chavli

Tamil                    :           Carpyaruccu

Malayalam          :           Mural

Telugu                  :           Charupapu or charumundi

Parsian                :           Buklekhaja

Arabic                 :           Habusmana

Lateen                 :           Becheniyalety folia

Color: Cudappa almond is white and red.

Taste: It is vapid, sweet, tasty and smooth.

Structure: Mostly, cudappa almond trees are found at konkan in Maharastra state. Its leaves are small, pointed and granular. Its fruit are small and blue like Indian jujube. The kernel which comes out from the seeds is called cudappa almond.

Nature: It is hot in nature.

Precaution: It is heavy in digestive.

Bad effect removal: Honey removes the bad effects of cudappa almond.

Compare: Cudappa almond can be compared with pistachio almond.

Quality: Cudappa almond increases sperm count, body strength and phlegm. It is smooth and eliminates gas. It makes the body strong and powerful. It brings phlegm out from the body with loose motion. It makes the faces beautiful and charming. Taking pudding (harira) of cudappa almond with sugar and almond increases sperm count in excessive quantity. Applying oil of cudappa almond in hair is useful to stop hair falling.

For reading tips click below links     Cudappa almond (Chiraunjee*) is useful in different diseases:
1.     Bloody diarrhoea:

Bloody diarrhoea:

    Grind the bark of cudappa almond tree with milk and take it with honey. Bloody loose motions stops by taking this preparation.
    2.     Sprue:


      Grind skin of cudappa almond tree with milk and take it with honey. Its use prevents dysentery.
      3.     Cough:


        Taking decoction of cudappa almond twice a day prevents cough. It is nutritive, so it can be used instead of almond.
        4.     Uterus diseases in pregnancy:

        Diseases of uterus during sixth month of pregnancy:

          Mix cudappa almond, currants and sattu (powder of parched rice) with cold water. Giving this preparation to the pregnant woman is useful to prevent uterus pain and abortion.
          5.    Influenza:


            • Taking 50 grams seed of cudappa almond is useful to get relief in urticaria soon.
            • Grind cudappa almond with milk and coat it on the body. Its use cures urticaria.
            • Grind cudappa almond and ocher with mustard oil thereafter rub it on the on the body. Using thus process is useful to cure urticaria.
            • Ulcer of acukte: Grind cudappa almond with milk and apply it on the affected part. It provides relief in acukta ulcer.
            6.   Face pimples:

            Face pimples:

              Grind cudappa almond with rosewater and rub on the affected face. Its use cures the pimples of face.
              7. Fair complexion:

              Fair complexion:

                Soak half spoon cudappa almond in 2 spoons milk and prepare a paste from it. Apply this paste on the face and wash after 15 minutes. Using this process for 45 days regularly makes the face beautiful and charming. Dry skin also becomes soft by its use.
                8. Cosmetic:


                  • Applying paste of cudappa almond upon the skin is useful in any types of skin diseases.
                  • Applying oil of cudappa almond in hair regularly makes the hair black.
                  9. Body cosmetic:

                  Body cosmetic:

                    Grind petals of fresh rose flower, 5 seeds of cudappa almond and milk cream together. Apply this preparation on the lips and wash after drying. It makes the lips red and soft.