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Cucumber is a kind of cucumber (khira) which is green but longer and thinner than cucumber (khira). Cucumber is eaten in its raw stage without peeling. There is a creeper which is grown in the fields in every season but the cucumber which is grown in the summer season is considered the best.Introduction:

Cucumber is a kind of cucumber (khira) which is green but longer and thinner than cucumber (khira). Cucumber is eaten in its raw stage without peeling. There is a creeper which is grown in the fields in every season but the cucumber which is grown in the summer season is considered the best. It digests easily and enhances digestion power.

The elements which are found in Cucumber:

Elements                                     Quantity

Portion                  -                         0.4 percent

Vasa                     -                         0.1 percent

Carbohydrate        -                         2.8 percent

Calcium                -                         0.01 percent

Iron                        -                         1.5 m.g. / 100 grams

Phosphorous        -                         0.03 m.g.

Water                    -                         96.4 percent

Vitamin-B              -                         90 I.U. / I.U. / 100 grams

Other minerals      -                         0.3 percent

Name in different languages:

English              -               Cucumber

Hindi                  -               Kakdi

Sanskrit             -               Avarru, Karkati

Bengali              -               Kankud

Marathi              -               Kankdi

Gujrati               -                Kaakdi

Telugu              -               Doskaya

Colour: Cucumber is white, green with lines.

Taste: It is vapid but tasty.

Structure:  There are different kinds of cucumber.

Nature: Raw cucumber is cool but ripe is hot in nature.

Precautions: Over quantity of cucumber may be the cause of stomach gas.

Removing side effects: Caraway and salt removes all the side effects of cucumber.

Comparison: Cucumber can be compared with Cucumber (Khira).

Quality: Cucumber increases appetite and cools the mind. Take it to stop loose motions. Its use reduces warmth and breaks unconsciousness. Take ripe cucumber to reduce warmth and to increase digestion power. Its use checks bile disorders too. Taking over quantity of it may be the cause of fever caused by Vatta and increases phlegm.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Intoxication of alcohol: Intoxication of alcohol breaks by eating cucumber. Give cucumber to a drunkard to breaks intoxication.

2. Pyorrhoea: Eat cucumber and drink its juice regularly for a few days. Its use gets rid of pyorrhoea.

3. Oily skin: If your skin is oil, drink the juice of raw cucumber. The juice of cucumber makes the skin smooth. Its juice is very useful for the patient of blood pressure.

4. Leucorrhoea: Grind cucumber seeds and buds of white lotus 10 grams each together and mix cumin seed and sugar in it. Take this mixture regularly for one week. Its use gets rid of white leucorrhoea.

5. Anuria and dysuria:

  • Mix a little cumin seeds and sugar in the juice of cucumber and lemon. Drinking this mixture gets rid of anuria and dysuria.
  • Boil cucumber in water. Drink this water to get relief in anuria and dysuria. It also prevents the sperm with urine.

6. Warmth of the vesica: Mix 10 grams seeds of cucumber and 1 gram Surakhar in half liter milk and equal amount of water. Drink this mixture to reduce the warmth of the vesica and other urinary. This syrup should be drunk in standing position and he should walk while taking it.

7. Kidney stone: Grind cucumber seeds with pigeon stool and take it mixing with rice gruel (maand). Its use removes the stone of urinary bladder after breaking.

8. Kidney problems: Drink the juice of cucumber, carrot and turnip regularly for a few days. Its use gets rid of all the problems of the kidney.

9. Acnes and pimples of the face: Drink the juice of cucumber regularly. Its use removes acnes, pimples and copper colored flecks and spots on the face. It also makes the face beautiful.

10. For long hair: Cucumber contains good quantity of Silicon and Sulphur, so it is very useful for hair. Take cucumber daily. Its use makes the hair black and long. Washing hair with its juice also makes the hair black and long. Mix cucumber, carrot and spinach together then extract juice. Drink this juice for long hair. This juice stops hair fall. 

11. Retention of urine: Grind cucumber seeds and rock salt 10 grams together and mix vinegar in it then take it to get rid of retention of urine by drinking this mixture.

12. Dark circles under the eyes: Black circles produce under the eyes because of hyper tension or lack of blood in the body. Put 2 pieces of cucumber (khira or kakri) on the eyes and lay down.  Its use provides coolness to the eyes and removes these dark circles.

13. Cough: Take 3 to 6 grams ash of cucumber leaves mixing with jiggery (gur) twice a day. Its use stops cough and brings the phlegm out which has chocked in the throat. Its use regulates to the blocked trachea.

14. Disturbed liver: Grind cucumber, cucumber (Khira) seeds and chicory seed 5 grams each with water and mix sugar (loaf-sugar) in it. Take this mixture twice a day. All problems of liver disappear within a few days.

15. High blood pressure: In the summer season, 2 spoons cucumber juice should be drunk daily. Its use keeps high blood pressure normal.

16. For beauty:

  • Drink cucumber juice regularly. Its use fairs the complexion of the face and pimples, flecks and acnes of the face disappear as well. Rub cucumber on the face and wash with water. This juice ends the oiliness of the face and face becomes soft by its use.
  • Mix 5 drops lemon juice and 1 pinch ground turmeric in a big spoon cucumber juice to prepare a paste. Apply this paste on the face and neck and wash face after half an hour. Wipe your face with a towel. Thus, the glow of the face enhances and face becomes very beautiful.