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[ C ] Related Medicines:

Colour: Cubeb is black outwardly and black inwardly.

Taste: It is spicy and cool in nature.

Structure: The grains of cubeb are like black pepper but it is hollow from inside. It grows on a thin stalk.

Nature: It is hot and cold in nature. Some are hot and some are cold.

Removing side effects: Sandal removes all the side effects of cubeb.

Comparison: Cubeb can be compared with cinnamon.

Dosage: Cubeb is taken in the quantity of 4 grams.

Quality:   The use of cubeb keeps the mind and brain happy. It makes strong to the internal organs of the stomach. It increases urine and quenches thirst. Cubeb is used for the enlarged spleen. Chewing cubeb gets rid of stomatitis (mouth blisters) and removes offensive smell.

For reading tips click below links     Cubeb (Kabab-chini*) is useful in different diseases:
1.     Cataract:


    Take 1 to 4 grams cubeb twice a day. Its use gets rid of glaucoma and cataract. It also enhances eyesight.
    2.     Stomatitis (mouth blisters):

    Stomatitis (mouth blisters):

      • Take 1 to 4 grams cubeb powder twice a day. Its use removes mouth blisters. A person gets rid of stomatitis by sucking cubeb.
      • Suck cubeb with equal quantity of sugar-candy slowly. Mouth blisters disappears by its use.
      3.     Gums swelling:

      Gums swelling:

        Make the powder by grinding cubeb, borax and gall nut 10 grams each together. After that, rub this powder on the gums twice a day, it reduces gums’ swelling and makes the gums strong.
        4.     Offensive smell of the mouth:

        Offensive smell of the mouth:

          Chew cubeb to get rid of offensive smell of the mouth.
          5.     Elongation of the uvula:

          Elongation of the uvula:

            Make tablet by taking cubeb and suck it regularly. Its use gets rid of the problems caused by elongation of the uvula. It also cures those problems caused by uvula enlargement or filthy uvula.
            6.     Arthritis:


              Give 1 to 4 grams cubeb to the patient of arthritis daily. Its use gets rid of rheumatic pain.
              7. Children diseases:

              Children diseases:

                • If the child has been suffering from retention of urine caused by heat, grind cubeb, impure carbonate of potash and nitre 800 grams each together to prepare the powder. Mix milk in this powder and give its 60 milligrams quantity to the child. Its use passes out blocked urine easily. If the patient has been suffering from retention of urine or flatulence caused by cold, above process should not be used otherwise the patient may be the victim of flatulence. Mix the juice of anand bherav equal the kidney bean in milk and give it to the child. Its use gets rid of flatulence and retention of urine.
                • Grind cubeb, catechu, bamboo manna and 4 seeds of small cardamom together and filter through a cloth. Apply this powder on the blisters of the child’s mouth 4-5 times a day. Its use gets rid of mouth blisters within 4-5 days by bringing saliva from the mouth. It also brings the filth of the mouth out with saliva.
                8. Inflammation throat:

                Inflammation throat:

                  Chew or suck cubeb to get relief in throat’s inflammation.
                  9. Hoarseness:


                    • Grind 10 grams cubeb and mix 1 gram honey in it. Lick this mixture 2-3 times a day to end hoarseness and to make the voice clear.
                    • Sucking cubeb makes the voice clear and gets rid of hoarseness.
                    • Chew cubeb to get rid of hoarseness and for clear throat.
                    10. Paralysis of throat muscles:

                    Paralysis of throat muscles:

                      Take 1 to 4 grams powder of cubeb twice a day. Its use gets rid of this disease. Chew cubeb to get rid of throat’s problems.