Crushing or rubbing



           Muscles are rubbed or crushed by holding with the help of fingers and thumb. Movement is done by raising muscles from the bone to the heart with rubbing. Muscles are kept with hands and keep on gripping and crushing. First, grip muscles with the help of fingers and thumb and then crush it and after that loose to the hand and crush to the upper side by gripping it. In this way, keep on gripping one organ to another organ. It should be mentioned that this method of massage should be parallel to the muscles. The masseur should start massage from the point where it begins. Massage should be done in this way. The patient should not suffer from pain at the time of massage. 


         This massage affects to the muscles very much and ends tiredness of the victim. The cells of muscles break and they remove from there by mixing blood. New blood reaches there and disorders of veins and nerves get a new kind of energy. 


         Veins and nerves be come active and muscles become strong by this method of massage. Thus, the patient gets rid of other kinds of disorders.