The medicine crataegus is considered very effective medicine in these symptoms as vertigo, slow pulsation of nerve and low blood pressure. Besides these, the medicine is very beneficial in these symptoms as inflammation in the muscles of the heart, insomnia, anemia cool skin and when heart does not do its work properly.

It is very useful in these symptoms as chronic heart diseases in which the patient becomes too much weak, pain in the back side of the head, bleeding from the intestines, cool hands and feet, pale body, abnormal breathing and movement of the nerve, pain under the shoulder and left portion of the chest and when heart throbs after short breaks.   

Use of the medicine crataegus on the base of different symptoms:

Symptoms of head:

The use of the medicine crataegus proves very beneficial if the patient suffers from these symptoms as pain in the back portion of the head and neck, weak memory power, excessive nervousness or irritation and other symptoms of head diseases.

Symptoms of external organs of the body:

Regular use of the medicine Crataegus provides relief to the patient in these symptoms as diabetes of children and excessive sweating. By using this medicine, children get rid of diabetes.

Symptoms of heart:

If the symptoms of the patient are as dropsy of the heart, diseases of great artery, panting by walking for short distance or while lifting a little weight, cough, sensation of expansion of the heart, fast nerve pulsation, weakness, cool skin, pale fingers of the hands and feet, etc., the use of the medicine Crataegus provides a lot of relief.

Symptoms of skin:

The medicine Crataegus is very beneficial in these skin symptoms as excessive sweating on the skin and appearance of small poxes on the skin.


The disease aggravates by living in hot house.


The disease alleviates in open fresh air, in peace and by taking rest.


The medicine Crataegus can be compared with the medicines as Strophanthus hispidus, Digitalis, Iberis, Naja, and Cactus.


1-15 drops of mother tincture.


If you want to take good result of this medicine, take it for sometime continuously.