Country Mallow



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Colour: Country mallow is green, white and yellow.  Taste: It is spicy and pungent.  Structure: There are different kinds of country mallow. It is very famous. Mostly,Colour: Country mallow is green, white and yellow.

Taste: It is spicy and pungent.

Structure: There are different kinds of country mallow. It is very famous. Mostly, there are four kinds of country mallow.

1.    Bala Khireti viz Country Mallow

2.    Havla-Sahdei

3.    Atibala-Kanghai

4.    Nagbala-Gangrain

Bala khrienty viz baryari: It has also two kinds.

  • The plants of country mallow (Bariyari) are 2-3 feet high. Its flowers are yellow and seeds are black. Its leaves appear as the leaves of basil. Saag (cooked green vegetable) is also prepared from its leaves.
  • Other kind of country mallow plant (Bariyari) is 5 to 7 feet high. Its flowers are white and fruits are round with thinness. There are small and black seeds in its fruit and these are called “Bijband”.

Mahabala-Sahdei: It also has two kinds. Its leaves are thin and rough. Its fruits and flowers are yellow.

Atibala-Kanghei: Its plants are 2-3 feet high. The flowers are yellow and fruits are round like wheel. There is little difference between the seeds of atibala kanghei and Bariyari.

Nagbala-Gangrain: The plants of Gangrain are like the plant of Sahdaei. Its leaves are a little thicker than the leaves of Sahdaei and have two spears at their frontal part. Its flowers are pink. Its fruit is also bigger than the fruit of Sahdaei. Its fruit divides into two parts itself after drying.

Nature: Country mallow is hot.

Precaution: It causes stomach gas.

Dosage: It should be taken in the quantity of 3 grams.


Country Mallow viz (Bariyari): It is smooth and increases digestion power. It increases the appetite. Its use makes sperm count. It makes the body strong and eliminates vatta and bile. It checks the diarrhoea caused by bile. It relieves in the diseases pertaining to phlegm. Mix the powder of country mallow root’s bark in milk and drink. Its use proves beneficial in diabetes mellitus. The fruits of country mallow are tasty and pungent. Its use control vatta and eliminates bile and phlegm.

Sahdaei: Sahdaei is sweet. It proves good remedy in retention of urine. It enhances sperm count and makes the sperm thick. It ends tridoshas (vatta, pitta and kapha). It is a good medicine in fever, heart problems, burns, piles caused by flatulence, swelling, malarial fever and all types of spermatorrhoea.

Atibala Kanghei: Atibala kanghei is bitter and spicy. It ends gastric problems and burning sensation. It kills worms and quenches thirst. It alleviates the poisoning and checks vomiting. Taking it adequately is good for the treatment of fever. Take the powder of kanghei with milk and sugar-candy for the treatment of spermatorrhoea. Kanghei, Sahdaei and Bariyari increase sperm count and sexual power. Atibala kanghei is the source of long life and eliminates the vatta and pitta. It stops the motions and provides relief in urinary problems. It also ends astrological problems.

Nagbala-Gangrain: It is sweet, pungent, hot, heavy and spicy. It eliminates phlegm, bile and gas. Gangrain properties are similar to country mallow. It is very useful especially for the treatment of urinary problems, wounds, leprosy and itching. Gangrain’s fruit is dry, pungent, tasty and cool. It eliminates gas trouble and breaks constipation. Gangrain is more useful than country mallow, Sahdaei and Kanghei. Crush white leaves of country mallow with water and filter it. Drinking this preparation cures gonorrhoea and spermatorrhoea as well as dissolves the stone. The juice of its leaves alleviates the poisoning of snake, but water should not be mixed in this preparation. Its yellow leaves are helpful to reduce the swelling and ache. If someone becomes injured with sword or other weapon, grind the leaves of gangrain plant and tie it on the affected part. Its use prevents the bleeding and ends pain soon. Its use heals up the wounds within a night.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Intestine enlargement: Taking 14 to 28 milliliters decoction of country mallow’s root with 5 milliliters castor oil twice a day provides relief in this disease.

2. Stomach pain: Taking 30 ml decoction of panchang (a tree’s five elements) with 1 gram of dry ginger and 1 gram of black peeper corns’ powder thrice a day provides relief in stomach pain.

3. Paralysis of children: Give 24 milliliters juice of country mallow’s root with milk to the affected child twice a day. Its use proves very beneficial in paralysis.

4. Wound: Applying the decoction of country mallow’s root on the wounds heals up them soon.

5. Paralysis: Take the decoction of country mallow root and 7 to 14 milliliters sesame oil with warm water twice a day to get relief in paralysis.

6. Aavbahuk: The use of 14 to 28 milliliters decoction of country mallow’s root twice a day is beneficial in this disease.

7. Metrorhagia: The use of 3 to 6 grams root of country mallow with milk twice a day ends blood leucorrhoea.

8. Treatment of sterility: Make fine powder by grinding equal quantity of country mallow, gangrain, liqourice, pistacia integerrima, cobra saffron and sugar-candy together. Take about 10 grams this powder after sieving mixing with ghee, milk and honey for the treatment of sterility. The woman becomes pregnant after its use.

9. Paralysis: Mix about 6 grams root of country mallow, 10 grams asafetida and a little rock salt together. Take this mixture or the powder of country mallow’s root twice a day to get relief in mouth paralysis and rheumatism (joints pain). Along with this treatment, mix the oil of the root of country mallow in milk and rub it on the affected part. Its use also provides relief in paralysis.

10. Heart attack: Mix musk and makardhwaj in 5 to 10 grams root of country mallow. This mixture should be given to the patient of heart problems to get fast relief. This medicine can be given twice a day later.

11. Weakness of the heart: Take 6 grams root of country mallow with 10 grams makardhwaj and musk. Its regular use ends weakness.