Cough and cold of children



         Often, children keep on becoming the victim of cold and cough. Children suffer from cold and cough at one time. A child keeps on coughing in this disease and water keeps on flowing from the nose. If this disease is not treated, it may become the cause of any serious disease later on. If the woman suffers from the sensation of cold and cough, her child becomes the victim of this disease. If the child becomes the victim of cold or there is any kind of problem in mother’s milk, the child becomes the victim this disease. That is the reason why the treatment of mother becomes necessary along with the treatment of the child.  

Treatment of cold and cough by nature therapy:

  • This disease named of cold and cough is cured if 1-2 grams toasted turmeric mixed with honey is given to the child 3-4 times.
  • Prepare powder by grinding black peppers, dry ginger and long pepper. Mix two grams this powder in honey and give to the affected child thrice a day. Its use provides relief in this disease. 
  • Boil flakes of garlic in water and then crush these flakes of garlic and mix 5-10 grams sugar candy in it and after that give to the child twice or thrice a day. The child gets free from cold and cough by the use of this medicine.  
  • Give hot and cold fomentation on the stomach of the child twice or thrice a day and thereafter apply a wet bandage on the stomach 3-5 times if the child has been suffering from cold and cough.  The child gets rid of this disease. The child does not become the victim this disease again if above formula is adopted for the treatment. In this way, all the diseases of the child disappear.
  • The mother should pay full attention on her health to keep the child away from disease. If the mother has been suffering from cold and cough, the treatment of the mother should be started at once.