The medicine Cotyledon is considered very good medicine for heart. The medicine Cotyledon provides lots of relief to the patient in such types of symptoms as constant pain in the muscles and fibrous along with numbness in them, oppression of chest, sensation of filled throat, epilepsy, pain in the breast which starts from the breast and reaches to the joints of shoulder, etc.

Use of the medicine Cotyledon on the base of symptoms of different diseases:

Symptoms of head:

If the symptoms are as acute pain in the head, constant contemplation in any trouble, unclear voice in the morning after awakening, feeling as if one organ of the body is not present and other symptoms of head diseases, the use of the medicine Cotyledon proves very beneficial.

Symptoms of breast:

If the symptoms are as pain in the armpit of the woman, incessant pain in the right breast, pain in the nipples of the breast, sensation of heaviness in the heart, suffocation and other symptoms of breast diseases, the  use of the medicine Cotyledon provides a lot of relief.

Symptoms of the external organs of the body:

The medicine Cotyledon proves very beneficial in these symptoms as appearance of small poxes on the skin, pain in every joint of the body, sensation of pain in the legs and arms.


The medicine Cotyledon can be compared with the medicines as Ambra, Asafoetida, Tepatika, Ignadia and Lachesis.


Mother tincture or 3rd potency of the medicine named cotyledon provide relief to the patient.