Coryza and cold


Introduction :

        The nose and throat are excessively affected in the body by catarrh. This disease is like a part of influenza but it has no fever. The eyes are turned into red due to wet catarrh with coming water. The patient also feels tiredness in the body. After 3-4 days, Catarrh matures and thick yellow phlegm starts on coming out from the nose. After sometimes, it becomes dry catarrh. In the condition of this disease, the patient’s nose mostly closes and he feels difficult in breathing. If water comes out from the nose, it should be considered that the patient has been suffering from catarrh. If catarrh water reaches in the throat and we have to bring out it from the mouth like phlegm, it should be considered that catarrh has become chronic catarrh


For reading tips click below links      Such medicines are useful in coryza and cold:
1.     Sweet flag (ghorbach):

Sweet flag (ghorbach):

    Take 20-40 ml decoction of sweet flag 2-3 times daily to get relief in cold and cough.
    2.     Camphor:


      • In the condition of catarrh, smell camphor from the nose to cure catarrh.
      • Mix about 1/4 grams camphor in one spoon sugar and put it in the mouth and after that drink the water to get relief in catarrh. In the beginning time, taking it first time is useful. If we need it, it can be also taken second time.
      3.     Box myrtle:

      Box myrtle:

        In the condition of catarrh, put box myrtle in the nose to get relief.
        4.     Greater galangal:

        Greater galangal:

          Give about half gram powder of Greater galangal to the old men and children to lick in the morning and evening in clod-catarrh to cure this disease.
          5.     Dry ginger:

          Dry ginger:

            • Make a decoction after mixing dry ginger with box myrtle and boiling it. After that, take it to cure catarrh.
            • In the condition of catarrh, mix 60-120 ml bark of telebide alu ritis root, ghorbach or dry ginger with the water and boil it and take it two times daily to get relief in this disease.
            6.     Turmeric:


              • Boil about 2-4 grams powder of turmeric with the water after that mix jaggery in it. After that, give it to the catarrh patient before going to the bed at night after that make the patient sleep. In the morning, catarrh is cured and coming out water stops from the nose.
              • In the condition of beginning catarrh, inhale smoke that originates by putting turmeric in the fire. It provides relief in this disease. After that, the patient should not drink water.
              7. Safflower:


                • Catarrh is cured by taking decoction of dry flower of safflower. Excessive sweat comes out form the body after taking it.
                • Eating vegetables of soft and tender leaves of safflower flower is useful to end catarrh.
                8. Rock salt:

                Rock salt:

                  Mix 10 grams rock salt in about 900 ml water and make an emulsion. Headache is ended by dripping this emulsion in the nose. Its emulsion is also useful in the disease of catarrh influenza.
                  9. Cobra saffron:

                  Cobra saffron:

                    Excess catarrh is cured by coating the paste of leaves of cobra’s saffron on the head.
                    10. Cinnamon:


                      Taking about 1-3 drops cinnamon oil with sugar candy 2-3 times daily is useful to get relief in catarrh. Drip a little quantity of its oil in hand care chief and smell; it provides benefit.
                      11. Clove:


                        Grind clove with hot water and apply it on the forehead to end headache and catarrh.
                        12. Jabaadkastoori:


                          In the condition of catarrh, smell Jabaadkastoori to get relief in catarrh.
                          13. Asafoetida:


                            Mix equal quantity of asafoetida and camphor and a little honey together and make ¼ gram small tablets and lick one tablet with ginger juice at an interval of every four and six hour, it cures catarrh.
                            14. Pipal:


                              Mix small pipal, long zedoary and cinnamon and make a decoction and take it in the morning and evening, it cures catarrh.
                              15. Gulbansha:


                                Taking about 40-80 ml decoction (Faant) of gulbansha flower in the morning and evening is useful to cure catarrh.
                                16. Pepper mint:

                                Pepper mint:

                                  Put a few seeds of pepper mint and a cake of camphor in a piece of cloth and tie it. After that, smell it to get relief in catarrh. It stops coming out water from the eyes and nose. Consequently, the patient feels relief in breathing.
                                  17. Indian mustard:

                                  Indian mustard:

                                    In the condition of catarrh, rub the nose and foot after applying Indian mustard oil on these parts and drip this oil in the nose to get relief.
                                    18. Orange:


                                      Taking juice of orange is useful in catarrh.
                                      19. Sesbance:


                                        Dripping juice of sesbance flowers and leaves in the nose is useful to get relief in catarrh.
                                        20. Purple lippie:

                                        Purple lippie:

                                          Give 1-2 spoons decoction (Faant) of purple lippie’s leaves to children to get relief in cold-catarrh.
                                          21. Rohit ghaas:

                                          Rohit ghaas:

                                            Take 40 ml decoction of rohit ghaas in the morning and evening to cure catarrh and mucus disease.
                                            22. Five leved chest:

                                            Five leved chest:

                                              Taking decoction of five leved chest leaves with sweet flag (ghorbach) and small pepper cures catarrh.
                                              23. Mudar:


                                                Mix 2 parts powder of mudar’s root, 1 part opium and 7 parts of sendhav lavan together and make a powder. After that, take about half-one gram this powder to cure catarrh.
                                                24. Ginger:


                                                  Mix juice of ginger with juice of betel leaves and take it in the morning and evening. After that, apply castor oil on betel leaves and heat it then tie it on the chest (breast) to get relief in cold-catarrh.