Corns & callosites


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          When skin of the feet becomes thick and hard like horns, it is called corns and callosities. When outer skin of the body becomes hard like stone, it creates pain. Mostly, these corns appear in palms and soles. A person faces difficulty while walking on bare foot or wearing shoes when these corns become big. Many persons cut these corns with the help blade or knife but they occur again.

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     Corns & callosites are cured by following medicines:

1.     Onion:


    • Grind urginea maritime and cook. Tie this paste on the corns in lukewarm condition. Its use provides relief soon.
    • Apply onion juice on the corn and cut it away when it becomes soft.
    • Apply onion juice on the corn thrice a day regularly. Its use provides relief.
    • Mix child urine in one or two onion juice and heat. Apply this preparation on corns. The corns will destroy after breaking into pieces.
    2.     Dhobi nut:

    Dhobi nut:

      Mix butter in dhobi’s nut oil and apply 2-3 times a day on corns. Its use provides relief.
      3. Borax:


        Take 2 grams puffed borax mixing with honey twice a day to destroy corns.
        4. Jasmine:


          Grind the leaves of jasmine and apply this fresh juice on corns. Its regular use destroys corns gradually. Paste of jasmine leaves also can be applied in place of its juice.
          5. Indian mustard:

          Indian mustard:

            If there is a corn any where on the body, prepare paste by mixing Indian mustard with ghee and black pepper powder. Apply this paste on the corn. Its use stops corn’s growth. Grind jiggery, Indian bdellium and Indian mustard. Mix this preparation into water and apply on the corn to maturate. The corn breaks into pieces by its use.
            6. Alum:


              Hard corns appear in feet because of which the patient faces difficulty while walking. Grind alum, turmeric and borax and prepare thick paste by mixing water. Apply this paste on the corn for the treatment of corn. The corns disappear within a few days by the use of medicine. The corns will disappear by the regular application of lemon juice.
              7. Sweet beet:

              Sweet beet:

                Give only fruits of mosambi and vegetables for two days to the patient for the treatment of this disease. On third day, one lemon juice and 4 spoons honey mixed water should be given to the patient. Give one-cup juice of mosambi once or twice a day and grapes juice 4 times a day. The patient should remain far from hard working. Allow him to take complete rest. On fourth day of treatment, give carrot juice mixing with sweet beet juice each half glass. Give normal food, light food and sprouted corns. The corn will melt soon by its use.
                8. Nigella:


                  Apply nigella oil on corns regularly and take one-spoon nigella oil mixed hot milk. Its regular use for 15 days provides relief.
                  9. Aloe veera:

                  Aloe veera:

                    • Peel a leaf of aloe veer from one side and sprinkle a little haridra powder. Heat a little this leaf and tie on the corn to get relief.
                    • If there is corn in the vein, mix aloe veera pulp, garlic and turmeric, apply this paste on the corn. Its use provides relief.
                    10. Cluster fig:

                    Cluster fig:

                      Application of cluster fig’s milk on the corn is beneficial.
                      11. Five leaved chaste:

                      Five leaved chaste:

                        Heat the leaves of five leaved chaste and tie on the corns. The corn will melt by its use.
                        12. Lemon:


                          • The corn becomes soft by applying lemon juice. One piece of lemon can be tied upon the corn.
                          • Immerse a cotton piece in lemon juice and apply on the corn and keeps on pouring lemon juice.
                          13. Soya bean:

                          Soya bean:

                            Joint’s pain and gout are cured by eating the breads of soya bean flour. Drink soya bean milk with these breads is also beneficial.
                            14. Psorlea seed:

                            Psorlea seed:

                              The Corn suppresses by applying ground seeds of psorlea seeds.
                              15. Castor:


                                The corns will become well by applying castor oil. Immerse a cloth into oil and tie. Its regular use for two months removes the corns.
                                16. Calotropsis gigantean:

                                Calotropsis gigantean:

                                  Mix jiggery in caloptropsis gigantean’s milk each in equal quantity and apply on the corn. This medicine ends the corns.
                                  17. Linseed:


                                    Mix linseed powder in milk or water. Mix turmeric powder in this preparation and cook properly. It should be bearable hot. Apply this paste on the wounds of the glands and keep a beetle leaf on it. Its use breaks the wound and ends its inflammation. Big corns break by its use after maturating. But for it this poultice should apply for many days regularly.
                                    18. Pipal:


                                      Heat the leaves of pipal tree and tie by right side on the corn. Its use suppresses the corn.