Use of Corallium on the base of symptoms of different diseases:

Symptoms of head:

The use of the medicine Corallium proves very beneficial if the patient suffers from these symptoms as acute headache, heaviness in the head, pain which increases by bending forwardly, hot eyes along with severe pain, too much pain in the forehead and pain in the backside of the eyeballs, nose pain which increases by taking breath in the cold air.

Symptoms of nose:

If the patient suffers from these symptoms as sensation of strange smell in the nose, wounds in the nostrils, phlegm into the deepness of the throat, sensation of cold air in the body, dry catarrh, blocked nose and wound in it, nose bleeding, etc., he should take the medicine corallium. Its use provides lots of relief.

Symptoms of mouth:

If the symptoms are as sourness of mouth, sensation of strange taste of beer, pain in the lower side of the left jaw and constant desire to eat salt all the time, the patient should take the medicine Corallium regularly. Its use provides a lot of relief. 

Symptoms of breathing:

The use of the medicine Corallium is very beneficial in these symptoms as excessive phlegm while expectorating, excessive sensitive throat which does not tolerate a little wind, excessive excretion from the nose, sensation of inhaling cold air along with breath, incessant cough which suffocates, sensitiveness of the breathing organs along with cough,  sensation of exhaustion, etc.     

Symptoms of male:

If the symptoms are as wounds on the penis and its skin which excretes yellow substance, night fall, impotency and excessive sweating on the genitals, the use of the medicine provides relief.

Symptoms of skin:

The use of the medicine Corallium proves very beneficial if the patient suffers from these symptoms as red and big wounds on the skin, inflammation on the palms and soles, appearance of red poxes on the skin which transfer into bronze colour later.


The medicine Corallium can be compared with the medicines as Drosera, Belladonna, Mephitis and Causticum.


The disease aggravates in open air, in hot room, and the disease alleviates by covering himself.




3rd to 30th potencies of the medicine Corallium provide relief.