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[ C ] Related Medicines:

Names: Coptisgold thrade is also known as the names of Punderi, Pounderya, Pundreek, Sheet and others.

Color: Its tree is fragrant and wood is yellow color.

Taste: It is sweet, bitter and pungent.

Nature: It is hot in nature.

Qualities: Taking it increases sperm count. It is useful for eyes, sweet in taste and improves skin color. It ends bile disorder (Pitta) and phlegm disorders (Kapha).

For reading tips click below links     Coptisgold thrade (Mameera*) is useful in different diseases:
1.     Conjunctivitis:


    Grind coptisgold thrade and apply it like collyrium in the eyes, it provides relief.
    2.     Granular Trachoma (Eyes disease):

    Granular Trachoma (Eyes disease):

      One should apply its collyrium in the eyes to cure granular trachoma.
      3.     Relapsing fever:

      Relapsing fever:

        Taking ¼ grams fine powder of coptisgold thrade root in the morning and evening is useful to get relief in this disease.
        4.      Lachrymatites:


          Apply collyrium of coptisgold thrade in the eyes, it is useful to cure lachrymatites.
          5.     Fever:


            Grind coptisgold thrade’s root and mix in hot water and filter this powder. After that, take 40 to 60 milligrams this powder twice a day, it provides relief in typhoid.
            6.     Corneal ulcer:

            Corneal ulcer:

              Apply collyrium of coptisgold thrade in the eyes, it provides relief in corneal ulcer.